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  1. Les amelioration techniques sont peu importantes en ce moment par rapport à la méteo. Je crois que ceci va etre revu bientot, et doit etre la raison pour laquelle il n'y a plus d'or dans les bidons.
  2. As said elsewhere they are working on it. I guess we all want them to go faster, and some adjustments have created new issues, but eventually it should get closer to the sailing racing rules. And at least they try to communicate more via the in-app news system. keep hope... :-)
  3. L1

    Please Connect not working

    have you tried to contact the support ? they should answer eventually. because i never heard of such problem otherwise.
  4. hi mikle, 16 was there already with its 15 infamous friend for quit some time. there are adjusting rules currently and its improving globally but as a side effect it looks like 16.1 got more "power". this will probably be adjusted down soon. They want to improve their rules support so its should be for the best even if there is (some ) room for improvement. my 2cts
  5. L1

    [inshore] meteo

    @vald70 la météo est simulée et VR possède une variété de modèles appliquée sur le plan d'eau. ( force, oscillation etc ) Comme en vrai voile il y a une part de chance, et, comme en vrai voile tu peux la minimiser (un peu) en ajustant ton placement. il n'y a pas d'effet de site, mais il y a des effets de risées. L'eau étant plus ou moins sombres, indique une force de vent vent ( c'est assez discret ) Aussi tu as l'option météo qui te donne une meilleur vison de celles ci et de l'orientation du vent au vent du plan d'eau. L1.
  6. Not the most useful information. VR is trying new mode of scoring. The time info allow to sort people with same score and same number of races. right now "time" means the duration it took to complete this score since start of challenge.
  7. This club is currently is in pause mode, as most of the discussion are happening in the main forum. here for casual issues, futur dev and non urgent problems http://forum.virtualregatta.com/forum/39-current-and-future-developing/ And here in generic forum using [inshore] prefix in post title for "urgent" issue. http://forum.virtualregatta.com/forum/8-indicate-a-bug/ Now if anyone want to start a thread here, for help or any subject, please do so.
  8. L1

    what is arena?

    Je pense que c'est uniquement pour les gens physiquement présent sur le salon nautique.
  9. L1

    what is arena?

    Its a special course you access by code, like a private challenge. here this arena challenge is used by people playing at the nautic boat show.
  10. L1

    Règle 17 désactivée

    www.www.cnlr.asso.fr/sites/default/files/RCV_2017_resume_cnlr_RLainé.pdf www.ceylou.com/index.php/fr/miseforme/611-regles-de-course-2017-2010
  11. L1

    Jouer en 4G

    Oui - je joue de temps en temps (sans enjeux) dans le TGV paris rennes.. une fois passé les tunnels, et ça tient assez bien. (PC avec bridge android 4G/orange)
  12. L1

    Please Connect not working

    Hello i would recommend you try support for your account they should be able to do something www.virtualregatta.zendesk.com/hc/fr/requests/new kr
  13. L1

    What a disappointment!!!

    hi Contingency, It is my understanding that they will improve inshore and are willing to develop it for next season as momentum for esailing is growning. We have had feedback opportunities in Florida ( and believe me - we all did 😃 ) , so i think some of it will make its way in the game. (especially now that the rhum is past) thus, keep some hope :-) L1.
  14. L1

    All Instruments dissapear

    hi normen, glad it helped, Indeed sarasota was a lot of fun, its cool you enjoyed it too. And even though its not in nevada, as old saying says, what happened in sarasota stays in sarasota :) take care