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  1. L1

    All Instruments dissapear

    hi normen, glad it helped, Indeed sarasota was a lot of fun, its cool you enjoyed it too. And even though its not in nevada, as old saying says, what happened in sarasota stays in sarasota :) take care
  2. L1

    All Instruments dissapear

    have a look on the "F" key. It hides/shows all instruments while racing. I never tried to keep it to the end, so i don't know if this is also the reason it did not show stats screen. hope that helps. kr.
  3. L1

    road to sarasota

    Hello, I only reconnect now with the forum. thanks you very much for your thanks in msg or DM. It has been such a great moment, and imo the best of it, has been meeting the 7 other guys in real life after racing against each others for the last 2 years. I really feel live racing in the same place, although not easy to organize is a great thing. Any of the 8 person in the room could have been the winner in the winner take all final race, and I had the tiny bit of luck that let me take the lead to the finish line. But i am also very proud of this win. Regarding the live streaming yes it is very unfortunate, especially with the last hour decision, but the reason is due to the constraints (state own building) of the arena we played in and they (3rd party streaming provider) did not want to take any chance to alter the races by cloagging the network with the uplink video stream or stream in very low quality. (alternative solution were not possible in reasonable cost). It may sound odd in my mouth to say but VR team has been very good over there. We had a full feedback session with all 8 persons, and I am really under the impression that 1) they agree on many/most of the points we provided to them ( (including SRR) , and 2) want to fix them once the route du rhum is past. Also wordsailing team has also been great with everyone of us and have renewed their committed to esailing, so I really feel there will be more great events to come and be more organized than this year O in easiling. We also had the chance to go for a real sailing with Torben Grael, and Sofia Bekatorou for example, and be part of the Gala that announced the sailors of this year, and it was a great fun. @1000milliardsdemile at the beginning of the video we all enter one by one and they say which boat we sail. Finally some of the players may help grow esailing on their respective countries, so maybe this may bubble even more. i am consolidating links and infos with this twitter account, twitter.com/l1inshore if any useful to someone. Thanks Again. L1.
  4. L1

    road to sarasota

    the finale will be available on Virtualregatta's FB and World sailing's youtube channel 30/10, 13h EDT. ( 18H in france ) thanks @Cruzolator for the link
  5. L1

    road to sarasota

    Thanks Popopop for letting us know. ( your were probably still in time for an emergency passport, but I would have loved to be at the desk when in need to explain the purpose : ) so is it Havuc or @AUS-56448 the 8th one ?
  6. L1

    road to sarasota

    Great. It appears they are inviting more people that initially foreseen and i understood it is up to 8 people now.
  7. L1

    road to sarasota

    Probably a useless piece of decoration :) as well as the forever pride of "first" esailor world title.
  8. L1

    road to sarasota

    And actually will be cheerleading for Marie Riou for sailor of the year. www.www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/210715/Rolex-World-Sailor-of-the-Year-nominees-announced
  9. L1

    road to sarasota

    the view www.www.weatherbug.com/weather-camera/?cam=SRSTS
  10. L1

    Fucking fucking fucking shit

    30 October / sarasota starts at 13h EDT, will be live on FB and possibly other medium.
  11. L1

    eswc results

    I have posted there the results of the eswc 2018 playoffs, taken from the racing area so to preserve them
  12. the results as per Sunday 30 midnight GMT.
  13. L1

    Comme un chien dans un jeu de quilles...

    le cancer est revenu...
  14. L1

    Il y a 4 threads qui parle de pb de connexion.  1 seul actif de VRI. 

    Merci de te modérer un peu. 


  15. L1

    Moyennes des points et DNF

    la réponse courte c'est oui c'est "normal" .enfin c'est conforme à ce qui est dit. la longue c'est : Une fois le quota de course atteint, seules les courses suivantes qui améliorent ta moyenne sont prises en compte. Mais attention les courses courues non prises en compte ont aussi un impact car elles augmentent le diviseur de ta moyenne et donc plus tu en fait, moins chaque nouvelle course impacte ta moyenne. en gros : tu as une moyenne de X sur Z courses. tu fait une nouvelle course, le résultat Y est supérieur à X, alors ta moyenne est augmentée de (Y-X)/(Z+1) tu fait une nouvelle course, le résultat est inférieur, alors ta moyenne ne bouge pas, et devient une moyenne X sur (z+1) courses. donc par exemple dans ton cas en supposant que ta 20 éme course ait été de 3eme ( 52 pts ) ta moyenne de 39,5 sur 19 courses, passe à 39,5 + (52-39,5)/20 soit, 39,5+ 0,625 soit une moyenne de 40,12 sur 20 courses. pas certain que mes explications sont très claires...