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  1. Ursus Maritimus

    Programme des prochaines courses

    at VR it seems to happen much more than elswewhere. They are lucky that the game in itself is fun because of the longterm strategy, but the execution especially on the UI is ... Well I'd better say nothing ...
  2. Ursus Maritimus

    Programme des prochaines courses

    again, how should any know that? SSL usually stands for Secure Socket Layer. This whole House Club forum is really unfriendly to non-native french speakers.
  3. Ursus Maritimus

    Programme des prochaines courses

    Didn't see that and still don't see it. How should I know it from the description? It's all in french only, the menu's of the club house and everything. SSL implies Inshore? Why don't you write Inshore instead? Personally, I don't care about inshore, because the controls respond real crappy. Besides that, it is potentially a great game.
  4. Ursus Maritimus

    Programme des prochaines courses

    thanks, didn't notice that as the forum title are all in french despite selecting english since 4 or 5 months. Where are the following courses: Challenge California Race (March 30) Challenge Portoroz Champs' (April 2) I don't see them in my game interface ...
  5. Ursus Maritimus

    Programme des prochaines courses

    link broken, announcement gone, and it's probably french only.
  6. Ursus Maritimus

    Modification de la limite de vent faible

    great news! (except for those still engaged in a record attempt on JVT)
  7. Could we have bilingual announcements on SO and PDD (French and English)? Google Translate would already do. In that way, non-french speakers get the same information at the same time. ___ Pourrions-nous avoir des annonces bilingues sur le SO et le PDD (français et anglais)? Google Translate ferait déjà. De cette façon, les non-francophones obtiennent la même information en même temps.
  8. Ursus Maritimus

    What a disappointment!!!

    I agree. controls are very bad and insenstitive. took met 10 to 20 races to be able to finish the first one. mostly end up 3rd or 4th with a few wins, because I almost always mess up the controls while steering. especially after rounding a buoy it is virutally impossible to be spot on the new heading or angle-to-wind. I've stopped playing