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  1. Cruzolator

    road to sarasota

    Hahaha Nice time there in Sarasota with these great people!! With the WS organization, really they did something incredible! When i will have some time i will write my report! Now you could follow me in the social networks! Twitter @Cruzolator Instagram @CruzoSailor See you guys!
  2. Cruzolator

    road to sarasota

    Thanks! Remember WS told me that the link is not definitive!
  3. Cruzolator

    Fucking fucking fucking shit

    I have been invited! So happy for that! @SteveB: Thank you mate!
  4. Cruzolator

    Fucking fucking fucking shit

    Thanks Alessandro. I saw you as a spectator and the same thing was happening to you as to me regatta after regatta. Shame
  5. Cruzolator

    Fucking fucking fucking shit

    Then I love your name lika a meme!! Thanks guys for your words!!
  6. Cruzolator


    Congrats to everyone who qualified
  7. Cruzolator

    Fucking fucking fucking shit

    First of all, I want to apologize for my words. I had a bad day and that does not justify me. That said, it's a shame what happened, and that there is no news from VR. The problem must have been on the server, but not because of too many players, as I thought. It must be something else. I was watching regattas as a spectator and it was generalized. I also connected from different devices and connections and it always happened to me, I saved a lot of free time that weekend to try to qualify. I love this game and I'm sad because of what happened. Again, I apologize for my words. Thanks to both of you, it's a pleasure to fight both. See you in the virtual water. Velista why have you changed your name? I would like to edit my post to delete my words but I can not or I do not know how to do it. Edit: Sorry for mi English
  8. Gracias por no tener un servidor lo suficientemente potente para alojar la afluencia de usuarios de hoy... he gastado todas mis fichas para intentar obtener mi clasificación para Florida pero el jodido servidor me impide jugar para ello.. thank you for nothting