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  1. Crofter

    Rules are bad in this game!

    Steve, Regards knowing what rule was "judged" to be broken, there is a rule number posted below the clock and beside the penalty duration count down, as per this photo: . Has this now disappeared? (Play on iOS and haven't noticed if now removed?) I have had P/S penalties off the start line twice, before and during the worlds qualifiers, so I don't think this is a new bug. Rules engine bugs is the big topic. Sailx spent years refining theirs and it was still imperfect. The developers could consider telling the non-penalised boat what rule was judged to be infringed, and give the option of transferring the penalty if they deem it to be unfair/incorrect. But there is less of a community here, and no replays/fair play spirit/rules awareness here compared to sailx so I don't think many would feel compelled to transfer penalties.
  2. Crofter

    road to sarasota

    The Playoffs had major bugs with zero communication or accountability. They don't seem bothered or able to do a livestream. What a great showcase for our sport.