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    Weighted Average of Finish Times

    I simply used zezo's predictor of finish times.
  2. evilonod

    Weighted Average of Finish Times

    Je vous remercie
  3. So I'm watching all the top VSR boats having a beach party near the finish of the Marseille challenge. I noticed something similar toward the end of the JV. Top boats going out with clearly no time to finish the race, just to kill time taking cruises. That means to me that they are simply out to collect cards for a payout after the race closes. Nothing wrong with that. But it also implies that they aren't paying Euros for the full package, hence their pay-to-play modus operandi is using VR Credits to buy options, not money. Nothing wrong with that either. Well done. What I'm wondering is, where does one have to finish on average, to earn enough VR Credits to continue the scheme? DJ21 --- Je regarde donc tous les meilleurs bateaux VSR organiser une fête sur la plage vers la fin du challenge marseillais. J'ai remarqué quelque chose de similaire vers la fin de la coentreprise. Les meilleurs bateaux sortent avec clairement pas le temps de terminer la course, juste pour tuer le temps en prenant des croisières. Cela signifie pour moi qu'ils sont simplement prêts à collecter des cartes pour un paiement après la clôture de la course. Aucun problème avec ça. Mais cela implique également qu'ils ne paient pas l'euro pour le package complet. Par conséquent, leur mode de fonctionnement payant consiste à utiliser des crédits VR pour acheter des options et non de l'argent. Rien de mal à cela non plus. Bien joué. Ce que je me demande, c'est où il faut finir en moyenne pour obtenir suffisamment de crédits de réalité virtuelle pour poursuivre le programme? DJ21
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    La couleur !!!!

    Cette carte jaune pisse est atroce. Il est difficile de voir les courants de vent. Est-ce une tentative grossière de nous forcer à acheter un abonnement? Vous devriez avoir honte de la régate virtuelle. ------------------------------------ This piss-yellow map is atrocious. It is hard to see the wind streams. Is this a crass attempt to force us to purchase a subscription? Shame on you Virtual Regatta.
  5. I wonder why VR didn't do the team competition in the JV?
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    Tutoriel Vidéo Virtual Regatta

    Of course not. VR is French.
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    Pineapple Cup Final Scores?

    After the Pineapple Cup closed on Thursday the scores showing up on the rankings don't make any sense. They don't correspond to the final positions at all.
  8. evilonod

    Pineapple Cup Final Scores?

    Après la clôture de la Coupe d’ananas jeudi, les résultats du classement n’ont plus aucun sens. Ils ne correspondent pas du tout aux positions finales.
  9. evilonod


    Of course, that makes sense. I was imagining you had some automated way. Thanks for your team rankings!
  10. Do you mean if you have two boats with the same name? I'm not sure I understand the differentiation. Lost in translation. Define "main boat" and "secondary boat".
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    How are you getting semi-up-to-date team positions? I'm curious.
  12. I am going to campaign a PDD boat. How do I get registered into the challenge?
  13. evilonod

    Rankings within a team?

    How can we see ranking within our team? DonJuan21
  14. evilonod

    Finishing Leg 3 of the Odyssey

    Would it count as finishing if you get anywhere within the finishing circle perimeter? Even if different parts of that circle are separated by land? DonJuan21
  15. evilonod

    Finishing Leg 3 of the Odyssey

    Can I finish south of Ceuta? I think I'm going to find out.
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    I updated my VR Offshore to the latest version, 3.8.5, and it requested permission to "Make and manage phone calls." Why would VR need to use my telephone?
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    I'm happy to refuse access to VR to my phone but I'd like to hear from the developers why they are requesting it.
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    This may be a dumb question but can someone define all the acronyms in the Regatta Cup Rules: FP/AO, PDD/SO, NAP? And what is Teams IULTIM and Teams IMOCA?
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    Way to Go lebaxx

    He's really kicking ass. Nice job.
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    Route du Ruhme??????

    I'm not sure I get the whole idea behind the multiple races of the Route du Ruhm. Plus, I'm not sure I understand how the teams work. How does one register and communicate with other sailors? I've looked at the documents at: www.onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!ANLlkv9uoB1UGVc&cid=9050730AE95B6CC1&id=9050730AE95B6CC1!5916&parId=9050730AE95B6CC1!5860&o=OneUp but it's pretty cryptic. What's the difference between IMOCA and ULTIM? DonJuan21
  21. evilonod

    HOW TO Cancel a registration to a race?

    Of course...I know how to do that for the Pacific Challenge. How do you do it for Odyssey 1/4?
  22. Is there a way to cancel a registration for a race. If something comes up I won't be able to sail the next race but I don't want a DNS or DNF penalty.