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Difficultés d'accès du 3 mai 2016

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Vous êtes nombreux à avoir rencontré des difficultés d’accès sur nos jeux ce matin.

Notre équipe a mobilisé toute son énergie pour rétablir la situation le plus rapidement possible, et tout est rentré dans l’ordre maintenant.

Nous vous prions de bien vouloir nous excuser pour le désagrément rencontré

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Please can you help.

I can no longer Login and have been asking the help center for help for the last few days and they send me a new password change email form.  I have changed this password, which gets accepted, but when I try to login with the new password, I get the message "wrong Credentials"  

I have tried to explain to the help center, but nobody helps answer my questions, they just send the update password link, which is not helping me.

I am racing at the moment in the Clipper, my boat name is FakeNews, but can only do so from my work computer. I want to start the Volvo but cannot until this is fixed.

I am logged in on my work computer, but when I try to log in on my home computer of my iPhone I get the "wrong credentials".

What can I do to fix this problem,

Thanks Geoff



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Il y a 10 heures, chamarisa30 a dit :


problème d'accès récurrent


Depuis 2016 ? 😁

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