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  1. What do you mean "It is the fact that all these selection events were tainted with malfunctions, luck or bad luck, that nothing was fair"? All. Really??? What a load of bull! For the first 6 or 7 days everything worked fine. The glitches started happening after that initial 6 or 7 days. By then most of the top players had already played their initial 33 races and were already at the top of the leader-board. The last few days when the glitches were happening players were trying to improve and maintain their position on the leader-board. When I look at the final score-board I do not see your b
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  2. Why are you trying to throw a dark shadow on other peoples happiness? Don't be such a poor loser. I think anyone who plays the game regularly will agree that the players named in the finals, so far, all deserve to be there. If the playoffs had been "unfair, discriminating and shameful", as you suggested, then players that are not the top players would be on the list of finalists. None of us liked the glitches in the game during the playoffs, but it was happening to all of us. To try to take away some of the glory and happiness of the people who made the final, that is what is shameful.
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  3. Hello, I did not have a passport and I planned a family vacation. I prefer to leave the chance to KZ-7 ! There was too much French in the final :)
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  4. Bon dimanche les EZ
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  5. Salut les EZ Sirotant une bière dans la Marina de Djerba, je viens de jeter un oeil sur les classements de Maurice en ce qui concerne le Challenge Interne EZ. A la première place, on trouve l'équipe FP/AO les EZcogriffes avec 241 pts, suivie d'une formation réduite à 2 éléments, les EZbroufs avec 484 pts. A quelques encablures derrière, les 3 équipes PDD avec en tête les EZcalades 1030 pts qui précèdent Les EZcargots 1142 pts et les EZ'pats 1577 pts. Sur le classement extérieur Inter-Teams qui ne portait que sur 2 bateaux, pas de grande performance de la part des Cagouilles qu
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  6. I received an invitation yesterday. I finished 12th so I'm guessing there must have been at least a couple of qualified sailors turning down the trip.
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