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  1. I guess one reason for having one joker is that VR sees the opportunity to get more paying participants... And In my opinion the only fair way to use cumulative time from two best stages is the cumulative difference to the winner in the two stages where your time difference is the smallest, for example being 9th 5h 27m 48s behind the leader in a race with a finish like the 3rd stage of Tara Ocean would be a disaster compared to a 51th place 11m 51s behind the winner in stage 1 of eNord... i wouldn't be interested in that 9th place just because the ranking was better. Not sur
  2. And now some new info from Pat-Rock, information that will require clarification from VR: "Small precision that I have just learned, the general classification will be made on the cumulative time of the two best results." I will ask Pat-Rock exactly how they plan to do this. The problem is obvious, if one stage is 2 days, one is 4 days and one is 6 days it will be useless to win the longest stage // Toppen
  3. The answer according to Pat-Rock is "The general classification will be established as usual with the cumulative time of the 3 stages" // Toppen
  4. It's an old and fine tradition from VR to implement all old bugs (and some new just for the fun of it) when they launch a new version... 😁
  5. To make a decision to manipulate the weather by setting a wind speed limit of 4 knots was stupid, especially when VR claims to use "real weather data" but the decision to change the 4 knot limit during ongoing races are even more stupid. I think all the virtual sailors (the VR customers...) agree on that. I also think that VR really doesn't care if this stupid decision is unfair to a few thousands of sailors still at sea in the Jules Verne Trophy. But, please explain to us how you are going to handle the unfairness to (primarily but not only) all JVT participants still not having fin
  6. @Oxven: can you please inform us in what way you think this is fair to all TJV sailors still on the ocean? What made you take the decision to favourize the players already having finished the record attempt and the opposite for the rest? is this a new VR policy? did you even think of the consequence? are you allowed to do this?
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