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  1. Many thanks! I realize from all comments that going South was a bold decision, I thought it was “crystal clear” when I made the decision though 😊 What I think happened during that crucial wind update is that it was a 50/50 chance between North and South. Since I was positioned more to the East in the big leading group I was rewarded with a “go South”-signal. So all of you that didn’t see the same thing most probably were positioned more to the West relative me. One can’t win a Transatlantic race without a lot of luck and this time I had the luck 😊 I have to thank a few competitors that really made things difficult for me the last week or so: Luxairfrance and frankiegoes timovan that took a slightly more Northerly route forcing me to keep an eye on them and on the same time J’ACCOSTE taking a more Southerly path, succeeded by aloloa the last two days. From my point of view it would have been better if they just followed my line but, maybe they also wanted to win… Until next time! // Toppen
  2. To make a decision to manipulate the weather by setting a wind speed limit of 4 knots was stupid, especially when VR claims to use "real weather data" but the decision to change the 4 knot limit during ongoing races are even more stupid. I think all the virtual sailors (the VR customers...) agree on that. I also think that VR really doesn't care if this stupid decision is unfair to a few thousands of sailors still at sea in the Jules Verne Trophy. But, please explain to us how you are going to handle the unfairness to (primarily but not only) all JVT participants still not having finished. Will they be compensated? Will you recalculate the finish time for those already having finished (while there still was a 4 knot limit)? Was this decision also known by the VOR organization? Do you care at all? etc etc
  3. @Oxven: can you please inform us in what way you think this is fair to all TJV sailors still on the ocean? What made you take the decision to favourize the players already having finished the record attempt and the opposite for the rest? is this a new VR policy? did you even think of the consequence? are you allowed to do this?