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  1. Btw, guided access also stops phone calls and low battery warnings from kicking you out.
  2. Hi Emmo, maybe normal behaviour. If regatta is 5 race min and your results in first 5 races are 5,2,1,3,2. If your 6th result is better than your first result, then your best sequence of 5 consecutive races improves. Your score will increase, and the number of races will indicate that you achieved your best sequence in 6 races. If your 7th result is a first, it will improve your best sequence of 5 consecutive results, and races will indicate you achieved this in 7 races. However if your 7th result is worse than or equal to 2nd, then your best sequence will still be from races 2-6, and so
  3. I was suffering from many cases of app suddenly exiting the race and throwing me back to home page, resulting in a DNF and zero points. i determined that the problem was caused by accidentally pulling up lower apple menu, or occasionally pulling down the upper menu. This action did not always cause the race exit, but all observed race exits were preceded by an accidental slight opening of these menus. Help are aware of the issue, but the issue still occurs as far as I am aware. The workaround I found was to enable something called ‘guided access’ As I recall, you go to settings/
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