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  1. Hi , you do not have to sail to Nemo point do you ?
  2. Ignore all, i have resolved by creating a new boat name.
  3. So looking at support / help is only by the ? query in the races selection screen and unless you are paid up receive nothing. ⚠️ Access to personalized support is reserved for VIP subscribers and customers. This gets worse. After creating a new boat , i have lost the race I was currently sailing; now try to go into that race in setting up a new boat, I selected winches, and it wants me to pay. So i try to deselect winches, and it will NOT let me, just goes around in circles. Therefor i cannot enter a race if i make a mistake in selecting something that takes me over free credits ??
  4. You will get nothing from there... it is for paying players ⚠️ Access to personalized support is reserved for VIP subscribers and customers.
  5. Ok after deleted all my cr@p from browser, i log into my account then go to the offshore races, hit the China race, and find out i am logged in as a guest boat WTF is this sort of setup. I try and get my boat back ,no, nada. why oh why is VR such a pain in the arse waste of time.
  6. Merci pour les réponses. Je pense comprendre les règles générales de ce qui est autorisé maintenant et chercher les documents de course. Je comprends un peu le français, mais google translate est mon ami. 😃 à votre santé Glenn
  7. Hi All, excuse my ignorance, but just joined the group as i like to sail without being forced to pay to compete. I am obviously too late to sign up for the 2020 series, but will there be a sign up page for the Vendee race ? Thanks Glenn ( boat name Kingfisher 829)
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