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  1. They haven't corrected the English version yet... But presumably they will eventually.
  2. Thanks! That'll be October 5 Paris time. October 4 evening US time.
  3. I'd like to ask again for confirmation of the closure date. The group I'm in is unlikely to be able to finish by October 4, but is likely to be able to finish by October 10. Can we please get confirmation of which closure date is accurate, so that we won't waste 3 weeks of effort? @Vector
  4. The message was probably a mistake. I have never seen them change a closure date for an event like this. I just wanted to raise the question so that it can be corrected ASAP if they got it wrong.
  5. A message was posted in the game today, stating that the Closing Date for NY-SF is October 10... But... The game itself says October 4 (or the early morning hours of October 5, in some time zones). Which is correct?
  6. The good news is that VR's goal is clear. They want the box to be a proper TSS exclusion zone. And they've recognized that there's an issue because they made a change. And there's still time for them to put in a successful solution. The leaders shouldn't get to 4 until the French afternoon Wednesday. And the leaders' routes probably won't be dramatically impacted by a correction to this issue until an hour or two later. So they have almost all of the French Wednesday workday to resolve this. If it isn't properly resolved by the end of the French Wednesday workday, then Thursday will
  7. Has a clear answer been given? Early routings look like it might be good to pass North of 5 and South of 6... In the interest of quality competition without angry customers, it would be very nice if VR would clarify this situation before boats get to 4. I realize the intent is to define an exclusion zone, and that in real life, boats should not sail through the middle of the box. But that isn't what has been defined in the game, unless I'm misunderstanding something. I'd just hate to see the winner sail through the box while the best finisher among boats that went north or south o
  8. I'd like to ask for confirmation in English... Is this conversation still in progress, or has a conclusion been determined? My impression is... -This is intended to be an exclusion zone. The two black arrows are meant to be the two acceptable paths. -But technically, it is defined as two exclusion lines, not a zone. So the red arrow would also be accepted. -Technically, you could also flip the red arrow over and sail south of the first buoys, north of the second pair, and then turn to the finish. It is very unlikely this would ever be a useful strategy, but it would be
  9. Thanks again. I didn't know about 2D. That definitely makes a variety of things easier. Although it's a little less fun than 3D.
  10. Thanks! So I guess you and the others who take this seriously are spending money to buy green chips, then? I don't care enough about it to put money into it... So I use VMG only for maybe half my races, and nothing the rest of the time. Interesting that the wind sock information is so critical. Since I never use it (except when the game gives all options, which seems to be for the first race of each event), I hadn't figured out the timing yet, so I didn't pay much attention to it. I've just been sailing for dark water and hoping the shifts will average out. The truth is, tho
  11. I don't do Inshore much... usually just at times like now when I have zero Offshore races going. I'm trying to get a better understanding of the options you can choose at the beginning of each race by spending green chips... I can't find any Help or other discussion about this. Am I missing it somewhere? -Start ling timing. I've seen what it does... when you're pointed at the start line, it gives you the straight-line time to get there. Is that at your current speed, or does it account for acceleration (which makes a big difference with F50s!)? -Layline. Seems pretty simp
  12. No, but he has experience with land that can only be seen when you remember to zoom in enough... www.www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2014/12/05/wouter-verbraak-team-vestas-wind-went-aground-volvo-ocean-race/
  13. Just ask Wouter Verbaak...
  14. As far as I know, blue should always be safe (as long as it's still blue at max zoom). VR doesn't care about depth. You can sail a supermaxi in a puddle.
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