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  1. Am I the only one with this problem, or is there a broader bug? My first run finished in 43 days, 0 hours, 44 minutes. This was the 108th-fastest time. If I pull up the rankings page, it still shows me in 108th place. However, my second run was active when the race closed, and I had passed the equator on my return trip. The ranking it was showing me in the user interface was the ranking of my first run's equator return time, which was 135th at the time of close. (I think most of the difference was from the excellent performance of several boats who were very close to winning the
  2. Once McFly is able to publish the results, it should be possible to define the list of "who can possibly win the series". If it's scored per McFly's calculations, then a win is worth a lot more points than second (and so on), so technically, the answer would be "anyone who is within 4800 points, minus their worst score so far, of first". Winning the third race would produce that gain, if the current leader doesn't place better in the third race than their own first two finishes.
  3. As a general rule (not just in virtual sailing), a prize of substantial value should never be offered without clearly defining the terms by which the prize will be determined prior to the start of competition. Otherwise, you're always going to have confusion about who really won, angry people who think they won and are told they didn't, etc. I started this thread in hopes of helping to avoid that, but unfortunately didn't get a response. Hopefully VR will make a formal statement that clearly defines how the prize will be calculated, before the start of Leg 2. I am guessing that the jok
  4. Hell hath no fury like Your Mom scorned...
  5. I guess I wasn't the only one to suffer an unexplained course change into an island... Very frustrating. Particularly a shame with a large prize available. If this is a widespread problem, perhaps a re-start should be considered.
  6. This event has an excellent prize for the combined winner of the first three events. May I request that the terms of calculating the winner be published clearly before the first race starts? Lowest sum of three results? Highest sum of some kind of calculated points earned? Cumulative time across the three events?
  7. Is there a ranking or list of participating "Certified" boats anywhere? From the boats I can see, it looks like Alberto Bona has continued to lead, despite spending a little time on the wrong side of the ice limit yesterday, with Loick Peyron gaining. Strange, though... Quentin Vlamynck was a Certified boat at the start of the race, but isn't anymore. He passed Bona when Bona went into the ice zone. So... he'd be the leader among Certified boats, if his "certified" status is restored.
  8. How does VR define the first boat to reach the "Nemo Point Area"?
  9. Strictly speaking, is the penalty incurred when you hit the thin red line, or the dotted white "danger zone"? I believe the red line... Just wanted to confirm. Also, in 2016, there was a bug that if your boat was traveling toward the red line, and turned away (such as a tack or gybe), you could still incur the penalty without actually crossing the line. It seemed that the computation that decided the penalty looked at your projected path for the 10-minute cycle, rather than your actual minute-by-minute path. I don't think the ice limit has been used since then, so I'd like to ask.
  10. Thanks again. I didn't know about 2D. That definitely makes a variety of things easier. Although it's a little less fun than 3D.
  11. Thanks! So I guess you and the others who take this seriously are spending money to buy green chips, then? I don't care enough about it to put money into it... So I use VMG only for maybe half my races, and nothing the rest of the time. Interesting that the wind sock information is so critical. Since I never use it (except when the game gives all options, which seems to be for the first race of each event), I hadn't figured out the timing yet, so I didn't pay much attention to it. I've just been sailing for dark water and hoping the shifts will average out. The truth is, tho
  12. I don't do Inshore much... usually just at times like now when I have zero Offshore races going. I'm trying to get a better understanding of the options you can choose at the beginning of each race by spending green chips... I can't find any Help or other discussion about this. Am I missing it somewhere? -Start ling timing. I've seen what it does... when you're pointed at the start line, it gives you the straight-line time to get there. Is that at your current speed, or does it account for acceleration (which makes a big difference with F50s!)? -Layline. Seems pretty simp
  13. I run into that a few times per week... Turning the phone off to force a reboot always solves it.
  14. Your Mom SA

    iTunes Login?

    For the last few days, my iPhone has asked me to provide my iTunes password every time I access a race. Even if I log in, it asks again the next time I access a race. Is anyone else having this problem?
  15. @Oxven Thank you for responding quickly to explain the situation. While the decision to proceed without isolating in-process events is very upsetting, I appreciate your efforts to explain the decision. Will anything be done for the people who feel wronged about this? Is there any value in submitting a support request, or would we be wasting our time? Personally, I haven't decided yet if this actually helps me or hurts me. It definitely kills my chances of beating the boats who have already finished under 40 days. I don't think I can achieve that now, whereas I had a chance b
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