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  1. Problem solved. They added a visible buoy on Bohol.
  2. Thank you. That's my interpretation exactly, including your bold notification of "current". Because the gate causing the problem is invisible, VR could still change it. I hope they do... because it is always very sad when a visibly acceptable is not accepted by invisible gates and users have races ruined for no visible reason. All they have to do is either move visible buoy 3 onto Bohol (making the course obviously unacceptable), before anyone gets there, or change the ensuing invisible gate to cross Bohol and the opposite channel (allowing the proposed course to validate the gate regardless of which side the sailor goes of Bohol).
  3. Has there been an answer about this? Could someone please summarize the discussion in English?
  4. It looks like it will be a random draw among finishers, not a prize for the winner. Meh.
  5. I believe the ghost's position is correct up until 24 days or so... and then it basically stops. So if you're doing well against the ghost early, that's great! Just don't be surprised when the ghost suddenly stops in the mid-Pacific.
  6. What are the terms to win the watch? Does it go to the winner of each race, or is it something else (like a random draw)?
  7. It looks like the presentation of the leader's ghost is incorrect. (Currently, the ghost of SlyStar). I have sailed 26 days, 10 hours, but it is showing me SlyStar's position after less than 24 days of his sailing... So it appears incorrectly as though I am much further ahead of his ghost than I should be. It's unfortunate because it is fun to race against the ghost of the leader. Hopefully this can be fixed. Edit: This race also has an issue with the history trails on each boat starting partway down-course, including your own. My tail currently starts in the mid-Atlantic, just before my "Day 3" dot. The two issues are probably related. I think the leader's ghost is showing his position in the same elapsed time as the time from when my tail started, instead of from when I actually started the race.
  8. I run into that a few times per week... Turning the phone off to force a reboot always solves it.
  9. Your Mom SA

    iTunes Login?

    For the last few days, my iPhone has asked me to provide my iTunes password every time I access a race. Even if I log in, it asks again the next time I access a race. Is anyone else having this problem?
  10. @Oxven Thank you for responding quickly to explain the situation. While the decision to proceed without isolating in-process events is very upsetting, I appreciate your efforts to explain the decision. Will anything be done for the people who feel wronged about this? Is there any value in submitting a support request, or would we be wasting our time? Personally, I haven't decided yet if this actually helps me or hurts me. It definitely kills my chances of beating the boats who have already finished under 40 days. I don't think I can achieve that now, whereas I had a chance before this change. It cost me at least a few hours. But... it probably also killed the chances of 100+ boats behind me of beating 41 days... so if I get to the finish under 41.5 days or so, it's possible that my result might be better as a result of this rather than worse... In which case I would feel bad for those who were hurt worse than me, but I would not feel justified in asking for a refund.
  11. If this is applied to JVT before it closes, I will be requesting a refund of my JVT entry fee. It will destroy the validity of that event by forcing those of us who are still racing to clear the doldrums in less wind than those who have already finished. I am very happy about this decision, but PLEASE don't apply it to in-process races, especially the JVT.
  12. Thanks! With it all being in French, it's hard to know what has already been discussed.
  13. By the way... I'm not talking about people trying to simply use the rules to win with aggressive racing. That's ok as far as I'm concerned. For example... a quick gybe from port to starboard too close for a boat to get away, resulting in them fouling you... in real life, you wouldn't be able to get away with that... in virtual racing, you usually can... I don't have a problem with that, and will do that kind of thing myself. I'm talking about people abandoning all efforts to actually race, specifically to ruin someone else's race.
  14. On occasion, I have encountered cases where a boat will ignore the race course and instead try to ruin my race. For example, a boat that turns downwind before getting to the windward mark, and then sits on my wind no matter how much I try to get away from him. Even if I let him pass me, he'll turn back to get back on me again. There are other cases where it's harder to know if it's intentional or not... For example, if a boat stays on starboard tack after the start beyond the layline, forcing me to overstand by a lot... maybe they're doing that just to hurt me, but I think more often that it's just that they don't realize they've passed the layline. When this is intentional, there are two possible explanations... one is that partners are "team racing" where one boat slows down the competition so that the other can win. The other is simply "trolling" where someone alone simply enjoys ruining someone else's race. This doesn't matter in free beta testing. I don't really care if someone ruins my race if I didn't pay for it. But... What can be done about this when VR eventually starts running Inshore regattas that cost credits? This is the equivalent of a Rule 69 protest in real racing. Do we have to take note of the offending boat's name and email it to VR Support, or is there a simpler way to file a complaint? Would we get any redress for our ruined race (or credits back), or is disqualification of the offender the only thing we can ask for? Does VR retain any logs of the races so that they could check to see what really happened if necessary? That's all re-active... can anything be done pro-actively? For example, maybe if a boat hasn't rounded a mark yet, it shouldn't be able to affect the wind of a boat that has rounded that mark? The truth is, though, that I've never paid for an Inshore virtual race and I'm not sure if I ever will. I'm here for the Offshore stuff. I just do Inshore when there aren't any active Offshore races. So... I don't mind if nothing is done about this. I just thought it might be an interesting topic for discussion.
  15. For what it's worth... I think I figured out why my autosails turned off in that Clipper leg. I have posted an explanation in the "Indicate a bug" forum, for anyone interested in how to avoid that risk. The bottom line, though, is that it simply isn't worthwhile to pay for options for a race unless you can do it on a desktop machine. The App simply can't support the paid for options well enough to be worthwhile. I hope VR will improve the App to work as well as the desktop interface eventually, as I would prefer to be able to race just as competitively on my phone as on a desktop... but it doesn't appear to be a priority for them right now.