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  1. il y a une heure, LaMerNoire - BSP a dit :

    hi YM

    start line timing : not really useful for upwind starts (imo), much more for reaching start as in F50 or nacra ... it gives a timing at your current speed then it changes if you are faster / slower or if an opponent put a shadow on / cover you

    laylines help to not go out of the course ... always better to have a shorter distance 

    best vmg is clearly mandatory ... your boat will perfectly follow the shifts and it gives you time to manage your tactic and the fleet

    wind shadow is helpful when you begin ... then you should know the shadow  ... even if you DON'T pay for it, you have an effective shadow ... it's only visibility 

    wind intelligence : you must take it ... the socks of you boat is the wind you have right now ... the socks of the little radar in the left corner is the future wind ... if you are at the bottom of the course, you will have it in 20 to 30 seconds ... at mid course, count 10 to 20 seconds ... at top edge, you will touch this windshift in a few seconds 

    i do always use (in order of importance) vmg, wind intelligence, laylines & start timing for F50 

    hope that's clear enough, cheers lmn


    So I guess you and the others who take this seriously are spending money to buy green chips, then?  I don't care enough about it to put money into it...  So I use VMG only for maybe half my races, and nothing the rest of the time.

    Interesting that the wind sock information is so critical.  Since I never use it (except when the game gives all options, which seems to be for the first race of each event), I hadn't figured out the timing yet, so I didn't pay much attention to it.  I've just been sailing for dark water and hoping the shifts will average out.

    The truth is, though...  I foul other boats way to much, which has nothing to do with options.  I know the rules, and in real life, I can control my boat quite well and avoid contact, but...  in the game, I find it very difficult to avoid contact without over-steering, etc.  And then sometimes downwind I'll gybe into a boat I didn't know was there, etc.  And I frequently approach the windward mark on port tack and decide it's better to plow in there and eat the foul than waste time trying to avoid the inevitable.  I guess if I was paying for the options, sometimes I might be able to get out in front of the carnage, though.



  2. I don't do Inshore much...  usually just at times like now when I have zero Offshore races going.

    I'm trying to get a better understanding of the options you can choose at the beginning of each race by spending green chips...  I can't find any Help or other discussion about this.  Am I missing it somewhere?

    -Start ling timing.  I've seen what it does...  when you're pointed at the start line, it gives you the straight-line time to get there.  Is that at your current speed, or does it account for acceleration (which makes a big difference with F50s!)?

    -Layline.  Seems pretty simple...  it just extends the laylines out to infinity, right?

    -Best VMG.  This is the only one I've been spending green chips on.  Push B on the keyboard, and it steers VMG upwind or downwind for you.  Nice.  It seems to do it pretty well.  Do the best racers use it, though, or is it actually possible to do better with hand-steering if you're good at it?  And does this do anything else?

    -Wind Shadow.  I've used this a couple times.  I can see that it shows you your shadow and your opponents' shadows, which is helpful.  My question is...  If you don't pay for this...  do you still have a shadow that you simply can't see?  If so, then the competition is fair and this is just for visibility.  But if you have to pay for this to have a wind shadow, then you need to be paying for this to be competitive.

    -Wind intelligence.  Is this just the wind socks at the top of the chart?  What do they show?  Impending windshifts?  How far into the future?




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  3. Il y a 5 heures, Sharklet a dit :


    Can we sail west of Langeland? On marine charts it does not look deep enough on the South end of Langeland but on VR it is "blue". Does that mean we can sail it? I mean can we sail  any bit of blue on the VR chart without risk of grounding?


    As far as I know, blue should always be safe (as long as it's still blue at max zoom).  VR doesn't care about depth.  You can sail a supermaxi in a puddle.

  4. Thanks to both of you for responding quickly, but...  My point is...  If you sail through the gate that Pat-Rock circled...  that will indeed validate G4...  But then if you pass North of Lolland from there (passing near Vordingborg), you will be able to sail to the finish without ever validating G5.

  5. Le 25/05/2020 à 15:36, GeGaX a dit :

    Descent to the Arrival

    I believe there's a flaw...

    -The first pair of gates looks fine...  One to the West for the normal route, and then an alternative at Helsinborg.

    -The second pair also looks fine...  One to the West for the normal route, and then an alternative across the East alternative (near Stralsund).

    -The third set is the concern.  There are three gates in that set.  One in the middle for the normal route...  And then one to the West (near Flensbourg) and one where the East route would rejoin the fleet (near Fehmarn).  These are all ok, but there is a gap in their coverage.  If a boat sails the East route, passing Copenhagen, and then passes North of Lolland, they would fail to validate any of the gates in that third set.   I believe it is necessary to adjust one of the gates of that third set, or add a fourth gate to that set, so that boats sailing that route will still be validated.

    I realize that route is unlikely to make a lot of sense...  but the forecast has some light winds that could make exploration of that area worth considering...  and it would be preferable to have this scenario resolved before boats get there.

  6. il y a 21 minutes, Pat-Rock a dit :

    Good evening Your Mom SA,

    I remind you that it is never compulsory to follow the white line.

    For the record, this layout is for reference only, it is not linked to any calculation. However, it represents the right course to follow, respecting all the course marks passing on the right side of each mark, but not necessarily the best trajectory.

    There are no passing marks on this route.

    Regarding the race the climb to the north poses no problem.

    The passage through the fjords is well closed near Aggersund.

    The question could then arise but, since there is no buoy or door, all options are possible to reach the finish.


    Thanks, Pat.  This matches my understanding.  I was just asking for the  purpose of advance public confirmation, to minimize risk of confusion.  Thanks!

  7. For the sake of avoiding the situation from Beneteau that some people are upset about...  May I ask  @Pat-Rock @Vector or another moderator to verify that it is NOT necessary to follow the white line in this race?  I believe that literally ANY route that gets you to the finishing circle will be acceptable.

    Northbound, this doesn't mean much...  It just means that if we hard weird wind conditions that led you to want to sail among the islands of Nationalpark Vadenhavet, you could.

    Southbound, it matters.  Listed from the Westernmost to Easternmost options, I believe you could go...

    -Aggressively West, around Middlefart, or

    -Follow the white line to Nyborg, and then go West of Langeland, or

    -Just follow the white line, passing East of Langeland, or

    -Through Helsinborg and around Copenhagen, and then North of the island of Mon, and then through any of the channels from the town of Nyord to the finish, or

    -Through Helsinborg and around Cpenhagen, and then South of the island of Mon and on to the finish, going to eiher side of Fehmarn.

    I think that covers all of the options, short of detailing every channel one could follow north of Mon.  In most wind conditions, it probably won't matter...  but I figure it's worth being very clear about it, just in case some weird wind conditions result in a strange course being fast.

    Also...  I believe it is NOT possible to take a short-cut through the fjords...  It looks like that path is closed by land in Aggersund.  Correct?

  8. Will there be an announcement of how many Full Packs were sold, how much revenue that produced, how much of that revenue will go to charity, and which charity?

    I'm very roughly guessing $50,000 Euros of revenue...??

  9. il y a une heure, Norma11 a dit :

    The money will be donated to a patient aid association our a association ressearsh

    That's great news, thanks.  If someone official will state how much money, and exactly what organization, that would encourage me and others to pay the price to enter this event.  Without that information, the price for this event seems very high.

  10. The race announcement says that part of the revenue from options for the Great Escape races will go to "an association or project engaged in safeguarding maritime heritage".  Can anyone what percentage will be donated, and what organization it will go to?

    With four Category 2 races going at once, this will be a lot of money.

  11. For anyone still interested in this race, check out Awkward Turtle ( @awkwardturtle).  He has 9 hours until the race closes, and he's doing 15 knots with 120 nm to go.  He's at 28 days, 17 hours.  So...  if he can finish before the race closes, he'd put up a new leading time.  If he falls short, it will probably be by only an hour or two.

    Are there any other boats with a chance to put up an outstanding time just before the race closes?

  12. Il y a 12 heures, HRobert23 a dit :

    Due to the current description of the course marks and invisible gates, the option suggested at the beginning of the topic is NOT valid.

    Thank you.  That's my interpretation exactly, including your bold notification of "current".  Because the gate causing the problem is invisible, VR could still change it.  I hope they do...  because it is always very sad when a visibly acceptable is not accepted by invisible gates and users have races ruined for no visible reason.

    All they have to do is either move visible buoy 3 onto Bohol (making the course obviously unacceptable), before anyone gets there, or change the ensuing invisible gate to cross Bohol and the opposite channel (allowing the proposed course to validate the gate regardless of which side the sailor goes of Bohol).

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  13. Le 05/10/2019 à 06:18, Eldian a dit :

    Thank you for letting us know about this issue.

    Do you know if this bug has been corrected ? How can I know if the ghost position is wrong or not ?

    my history track is beginning from the start of the race as the ghost track. I've been sailing 16 days, I'm a few milles after the Horn cape and the ghost is south of Falklands.

    I'm glad being ahead of the ghost position, but if this is not real, i'm going to be very disappointed ;)

    I believe the ghost's position is correct up until 24 days or so...  and then it basically stops.  So if you're doing well against the ghost early, that's great!  Just don't be surprised when the ghost suddenly stops in the mid-Pacific.