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  1. Hello all iOS users. A technical problem has occurred with purchases via iOS. Purchases are debited but not honored. It is therefore recommended NOT to buy your credits or options by using iOS for the moment.. If you have encountered this inconvenience, please contact the customer support who will help rectify the situation. Purchases on PC and Android work without problems. Thank you all, and sorry for any inconvenience.
  2. Essayez ce lien pour vous aider à obtenir un remboursement.été-débité-deux-fois-
  3. Désolé d'entendre cela, j'espère que vous l'avez fait fonctionner. Sinon, essayez ce lien pour quelques conseils et suggestions.écran-
  4. Désolé d'entendre que vous rencontrez un problème. Je vais transmettre votre problème au support technique. En attendant, essayez d'actualiser votre navigateur et de vérifier si vous disposez du dernier logiciel.édits-cartes-et-abonnements
  6. Yes, when using Course Prog, ( which is based on time, along a projected path). With TrueWindAngle 'off', your boat will sail directly to the 'mark', and then change course direction at the time and angle you have programed. When you set TWA 'on' your mark may shift direction, depending on wind angle and changing pressure systems. but the time will stay the same. Not advisable when close to land and you cant keep watch, as you too will experience the pain of running a ground, like we all have at one point or another. Simply put when TWA is 'on', your boats projected path will "bend" with the wind. It can be unpredictable as weather patterns change and new data is loaded. I highly recommend supervision when using it. Just start playing around with the navigational tools as a guest to get a feel for them, or dive straight in and get a full pack and experiment with a few things...It can be a very useful tool. hope this helps... Cheers V
  7. Yes, now you are getting the picture, simply put, your boat sails directly to the waypoint. If there is a wind shift and its is unfavorable it will affect your boats performance. Plan your WP's carefully. You can use WP's to tack to a destination, and using "AutoSails" will help keep your optimum sails and speed. It's something you have to experiment & try to get a feel and understanding. Also consider " Heading Programmer ": to help keep you on course when off line. Again, I highly recommend experimenting and trying it out, to really get an understanding of how it works ... and welcome to VR, I'm sure you will get the hang of it in no time.. cheers Vector
  8. Vector

    iOS crashes, lag

    Sorry to hear that, I have been using iOS and have not experienced any major problems on VRO & VRI. It sounds like you have done all the right things. For me it only becomes problematic when I have sketchy internet. If it happens again check your internet speed, clear your cache or check the modem. Have you tried different browsers ?
  9. Virtual Regatta Offshore has struggled in in the past few hours. It's possible that your boat has not behaved "normal" on the game, and that your trajectory had been altered, as well as other features not been available. The whole VR team has been mobilized to restore the situation as soon as possible, while the engine of the game works again, and we are optimistic, we are still keeping the platform under close watch. Compensation measures will be studied over the next few days according to the extent of the damage caused by the engine problem, we will keep all informed. We apologize for this inconvenience, and thank you for your patience. VR Crew...
  10. Which race did you sign up for ?
  11. Sorry for the inconvenience, Apple released a new iOs version last week, 95% of the issues are related to this new iOs update... the VR tech crew are working hard to rectify the new update issues... thanks for you patience
  12. Sorry to hear that, Have you got the mobile App working yet ? have you tried logging in, NOT using Facebook? make sure you are using the latest version ?