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  1. Time to reset the leader board! The top sailer's who have been doing this for years, are so far out of reach. They can never be toppled. This is demoralising for new players, and seasoned players, who will need a life time to not even get close to the top. Give the top sailers a Star, a bling, a dot to indicate their status. And reset the score card! Give new talented players the chance to head the standing for once. The game could be reset each 4th year. Using say the Van-de-globe as the new beginning for the next 4 years. To gain a status ought to be hard, with only the best 3 at the end of the season gaining one. Then all scores are levelled for the next season (4 years). This is just an idea, can be improved upon. As the leader board is, it's a Joke, You don't see soccer carry on year after year accumulating points. It's silly. Each season has a fresh start. Giving hope to every one. This would also encourage more races to be entered, knowing you can at least get some where on the over all standing if you are persistent. Some of the top players could take a year off, and still head the leader board. That shows how silly the ranking is. Reset, and breath fresh life into the game.