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  1. 43 actually. hour west of sydney. city called penrith hit all time record for that area of 47.4!!! was bloody hot. I love the heat. keep it coming i say. my joints like it lol
  2. Hi all. I've picked myself up and got over the rort near the start and have finally started to figure out angles and wind by reading, playing and watching the best (u guys!). I sent an email to support detailing further what happened but the support centre is all French, no english reply and setup but am not hopeful of a favourable outcome. Had to do out of principle. I'll be happy just to get a reply from them given days ago i sent an email to them about the club in my profile and not coming in the rankings. Would be nice to see and compare to you guys how i am going. Happy sailing to all and have a great day. Only a very mild 40 degree day here just north of Sydney lol
  3. This was posted in Leg 4 forum in main. Didnt know where else to put it and what to do. This is robbery! About 7-8 hours into VOR leg and i magically run into aground into something on max zoom that was never there and then just magically appears after I pass it then, on top of that, am told i have run aground yet I have passed the island that appears from nowhere. Owners, mods, creators, developers, whoever, please look into this urgently and check my path (boat is Aussie Gold) and you will see for yourselves. Cost me 25,000 places even though i picked it up in under an hour. Great way to treat a beginner and generate interest in your game that i was just starting to really enjoy! Glad i didn't pay for anything!!!!!!!!!!! Think i am done after that free rort.
  4. Hi guys. Off and racing hehe I had a great start the 1st hour was in top 500 at 1 point and now as i write this suddenly 14000th and change. Just going backwards but speed seems to be as fast or faster than boats i am following that i have checked. Not sure what the hell is going on now. I am very confused. Good luck anyways. Don't save a beer for me at the end as it will be boiling in Hing Kong humidity by the time i get there after the field lol
  5. Thanks for the reply. Just a quick question. How do i add the club to my profile? I cannot see anywhere or how to do when i go into it? Silly question probably but went into help centre and is a totally different description from what i see.
  6. Hi. My name is Jason (Jase for short) and thanks to Sangue Seguro for the invite to join this club. Would just like to say I just recently completed my 1st race and am getting hooked on this game. I am Australian and am just learning about sailing as have never sailed before, more into surfing, cricket and darts than anything else but am very keen to learn and am trying to research as much as possible. I am lining up for the Melbourne to Hong Kong leg of the VOR and the clipper race to the Whitsundays. Hope to see you all at the start line and would appreciate any advice or help you guys can give me. Happy new year everyone.
  7. Thanks. Good to know am not the only one. I won't be playing inshore again unless races change and are much longer due to the controls. Agree 100%, especially rounding marks.
  8. Hi. Starting with saying that the offshore game is awesome and well done. Brilliant. The inshore though is a pathetic joke. Cannot steer properly at all and it is not as if i can plug a helm into a usb port and drive lmao. Also, i have done a lot of research on rules and around 50% of the time when starting i am always immediately penalised when i am dropped into the game because i have supposedly broken the leeward/winward rule or the port/starboard rule. Had about 10 races and only not finished last once and that i think was 7 out of 8 lmao. What a shame! I won't be playing this version ever again as the ability to slightly adjust heading is impossible due to lack of sensitivity and when you hold left/right down for a bit it goes crazy. Just not controllable.