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  1. Hi contingency, yes, of course, you have to plan and be prepared for every possible 'contingency'. It doesn't discourage close racing, it encourages smart racing.
  2. Thanks LaMerNoire, I obviously have a bad memory :) All the best in the comp :D Steve
  3. Where is the best place to get information? I find it difficult to know anything from VR. For instance, the races we have now say they are "Qualifying" races. Qualifying for what? Where do we find these things out?
  4. Thanks for the link Crofter, I just had a look and I see what you mean. I never noticed that before! I better go get a penalty so I can have a look :)
  5. Thanks Crofter, I'll check it out. I haven't noticed the number before, I just saw previously the explanation was in the circle below the word 'Penalty.' I use chrome on windows. One rule that seems to be coming up a lot at strange times is 'acquiring right of way.' Twice today I had someone run into the back of my boat on the start line and I was stung with that penalty. Anyway, thanks for answering :) See you on the water Steve
  6. The changes to the rules in the game have made some strange rulings to happen. I just had a penalty on the start line when I was on starboard tack and another boat was trying to cross in front of me on Port tack. Also, many times, at the start line, if someone runs into the back of me I get the penalty for 'acquiring right of way.' And this is when I haven't even deviated from my course. In a race I was just in, in the Star series, I rounded a buoy (well clear of it) and received a penalty from a boat that wasn't even there. Some people may have complained about the way the game interpreted rules before, but now it is just ridiculous. I mean, really, getting a penalty for being on starboard and hitting a boat that is trying to cross on port is just too much!!! And now, it seems, they are so confused about the rules, they stopped saying what the penalty was for (except for the 'acquiring right of way', which seems to applied at some very strange and unfair times) , and just put up the sign 'Penalty.' Please, tell us what the penalty was for. Steve_NZ777
  7. I am sure it is not a deliberate strategy by VR inshore. Like L1, I also have never heard of such a problem. As L1 suggested, contact VR inshore and they will sort the problem out. It is a shame to give up playing such a great game. Steve_NZ777
  8. Yes, it is most likely that you hit the F key by mistake. F is for 'Full Screen' and it only shows the water and the boats. In that mode, at the end, there are no stats showing, only the water. So in this case we can't blame VR or the program, it is an operator error. Before I knew about the F key I did the same thing. Steve_NZ777
  9. Are the finals still happening? The live link on youtube has been taken down :(
  10. What do you mean "It is the fact that all these selection events were tainted with malfunctions, luck or bad luck, that nothing was fair"? All. Really??? What a load of bull! For the first 6 or 7 days everything worked fine. The glitches started happening after that initial 6 or 7 days. By then most of the top players had already played their initial 33 races and were already at the top of the leader-board. The last few days when the glitches were happening players were trying to improve and maintain their position on the leader-board. When I look at the final score-board I do not see your boat 'FRA47' even in the top 50. So, either after your initial 33 races your score wasn't high enough to work your way up to be in the finals anyway, or, maybe you were waiting to race your 33 races towards the end when the competition might not be so tough, in which case you don't trust your ability and made a decision that back-fired. Bad luck buddy, but it was your strategy, and it didn't pay off. And what do you mean "In this case I am waiting for the selected ones to relay the voice of those who have been harmed by their chances."? What do you want them to say, "sorry for beating you when the game had glitches that we all experienced." If you were 6th, and close to 5th, and the organizers only took the first five, then you might have something to complain about. But mate, your not even in the top 50, so as I said before either you were never going to make it, or you made a bad tactical decision to race at the end in an effort to gain an advantage, and it back-fired. It is not the responsibility of the players/winners to apologize for the problems in the game. That is the responsibility of 'VR Inshore', the owners of the game, and I think most players are disappointed that they didn't give any information or apology for the glitch.
  11. Why are you trying to throw a dark shadow on other peoples happiness? Don't be such a poor loser. I think anyone who plays the game regularly will agree that the players named in the finals, so far, all deserve to be there. If the playoffs had been "unfair, discriminating and shameful", as you suggested, then players that are not the top players would be on the list of finalists. None of us liked the glitches in the game during the playoffs, but it was happening to all of us. To try to take away some of the glory and happiness of the people who made the final, that is what is shameful. Learn to celebrate other peoples good fortune, not just your own, and you will become a much happier and liked person.
  12. Congratulations KZ-7. It's nice to know New Zealand will be represented. I'll be rooting for you :D
  13. Thanks for the info guys :) Please us updated along the way :D
  14. SteveB


    Hello Velista71 Well done and have a great time in Saratosa. Many of us that didn't get into the final will be watching you guys (and girls) race off. Good luck :)
  15. SteveB


    Yes Allesandro, I picked you to be one of the finalists as you win most of your races. Bad luck not getting in, but as you said, your strategy of waiting until the end didn't pay off this time. The glitch may have made the difference to being a finalist or not, we will never know. Looking at the boats that appear to have qualified, they are all deserving winners as they are all in the group of top players, and if you were in that group of finalists you, would be deserving to be there also. There is always next year ? Steve_NZ777
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