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  1. Dear Sirs, These are the only email address I am able to find for you. Please pass this on to the correct address if necessary. I have been taking part in the Volvo Race (Michael Clark –email as above and password *****) I access the game through windows 7 on my computer using Google Chrome. During Thursday evening there appears to have been an update on my computer and since then I have been able to access your web site but when I try and install the Volvo race the following message appears. An error occured running the utility content of this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was: UncaughtRangeError. Array buffer allocation failed. It looks as if Chrome and Java and your site do not mix as I have no problem with other websites. At the moment I am able to get into the site through Firefox with a lot of difficulty and it is very, very slow. I am also able to get to the site using my wife’s computer and Google Chrome but this is very inconvenient – both for me and her!!! Please can you help. Kind regards,
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