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  1. Yep, the rules are a mess. I played a lot, and was deliberately taken out by another top player exploiting rules bugs. He admitted as much via private message (then went on to win some major regatta last year). So, at the moment, you have to cheat to win, sadly.
  2. Crofter

    iOS crashes, lag

    In the past week, since the login issues, the iOS app has been very buggy for me. Symptoms include: in game lag, app crashes (either on startup, or mid-race when switching between top and back view, and especially on spectator mode) and poor spatial accuracy (boat shows as OCS whilst 1 boatlength behind the line. I have tried hard resets to ipad, deleting and reinstalling the app multiple times, and of course force quitting and restarting the app before play. I know of one other experiencing this also on iOS, anyone else?
  3. L1, I spectated one of your races maybe 2 weeks ago. You were leading a guest, you rounded the windward mark and luffed up ~45° from your proper course (to leeward gate) and inflicted a R10 penalty on the trailing boat that was still on the windward leg. This may be the type of incident that happened to Fra47? This move breaks 24.2 and when I was match racing, boats were often black flagged for this type of move. In this game, it is amazing how many trailing boats on the beat break off from their proper course to try to take out the leader who is on the run. I have competed in about 90 races (mostly as a guest) and have seen this type of move in maybe 10% of races?
  4. Hey there, Just a thought or 2 about the GBR Nationals that are running at the moment. It is a 6 month competition, and players score on every official World Champ regatta. This has meant playing 45 minutes to an hour a day (4-5 races a day). Whilst it was fun at first, it takes so much time, and you must play when you're busy, tired or not in the mood. This, for me, has sapped all the fun from the game, hence I'm taking a break. Other national champs (e.g. Swiss) will surely be over a shorter period, so GBR guys are playing many more hours for the same kudos? Wish all the remaining competitors good luck, and think that these nationals would be ideal as a winter event (when people have less real sailing on, more indoor time) and as a much shorter duration event (appreciate VR's goal is to make people play & pay more, but having an event this long will ultimately put people off playing as much I think). Cheers.
  5. Unlucky. I was out yesterday, tried to race on mobile data and I got the eternal cloud of doom, but when I got home on broadband it worked fine. So, I wonder if there's an issue with mobile data game connection? Think the guys playing on PCs have it better overall!!
  6. Peli, they should have made some announcement. The recent update on mobile does that. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling, worked for me and others.
  7. 2 rules bugs I think should be addressed. 1. At the left leeward gate mark (looking upwind), 9 times out of 10 the inside boat will be penalised even if she is taking appropriate mark room. (This may happen on the right mark also, but I haven't experiences this so much recently.) 2. I think this is what emarck means. When 2 boats are overlapped on a beat, and the leeward boat presses Tack and hits windward just before she is head to wind, the windward is always penalised for 11 where it would usually be more fair for leeward to be given a 16.1. Sailx had a lot of issues with 11 vs 16.1, programming in reaction times etc, so I know it is hard.
  8. Steve, Regards knowing what rule was "judged" to be broken, there is a rule number posted below the clock and beside the penalty duration count down, as per this photo: www.www.dropbox.com/s/jegvur0kvnhuawa/R15.JPG?dl=0 . Has this now disappeared? (Play on iOS and haven't noticed if now removed?) I have had P/S penalties off the start line twice, before and during the worlds qualifiers, so I don't think this is a new bug. Rules engine bugs is the big topic. Sailx spent years refining theirs and it was still imperfect. The developers could consider telling the non-penalised boat what rule was judged to be infringed, and give the option of transferring the penalty if they deem it to be unfair/incorrect. But there is less of a community here, and no replays/fair play spirit/rules awareness here compared to sailx so I don't think many would feel compelled to transfer penalties.
  9. The Playoffs had major bugs with zero communication or accountability. They don't seem bothered or able to do a livestream. What a great showcase for our sport. www.twitter.com/worldsailing/status/1057324836849152000
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