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  1. you're telling me that i should take action to stay clear, changing my proper course, so that i can avoid hitting someone that is clearly giving me no chance to respond and keep clear? ? wouldn't that discourage close racing?
  2. today, playing against konadog, another canadian, i found myself directly behind him. he luffed his sails and i hit him, getting penalized. in the real world, that would have been a penalty as even though he would be the stand on boat and i would be the keep clear boat, i had 0 time to react. 0 time to keep clear. room to keep clear is part of sailing and this game ought to incorporate that too.
  3. i agree with all of this. just played a few big boat games. the penalties were ridiculous. the game is going backwards.
  4. excellent news. hope will be kept. :)
  5. there is not much disagreement over the fact that, at times, the steering is smooth and that, at other times, the steering outright blows. the connection icon flickering does not help either if you're also getting that. the game, on certain days, is playable and enjoyable and, on other days, it is beyond frustrating. zero involvement from the development team with the community. mostly radio silence. so much potential. so little effort.
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