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  1. Does anyone have relevant split times for last years race? Elapsed time from NY-Equator, Equator-Cape Horn, and finally Cape Horn-SF. DonJuan21
  2. OFFICIAL PROTEST There are six teams that are currently cheating in both the Team Competition and the individual races by sharing login credentials and setting up shifts for team members to manage a team boat. This is in clear violation of VR rules. SEE: www.virtualregatta.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010791933-Can-other-team-members-control-my-boat- Article 4: Liability / security The User is solely responsible for his User account and his identifiers. The login name and password of the User are personal and confidential. To guarantee the security of his User account, th
  3. So you are admitting to cheating. This doesn't look good for you.
  4. I think this is shitty thing you are doing, sailing an multi-skipper boat and stealing spots away from single skipper boats. This is against the VR rules and violates the Corinthian spirit of sailing. All six teams should be sanctioned.
  5. Do you mean if you have two boats with the same name? I'm not sure I understand the differentiation. Lost in translation. Define "main boat" and "secondary boat".
  6. I am going to campaign a PDD boat. How do I get registered into the challenge?
  7. evilonod


    I'm happy to refuse access to VR to my phone but I'd like to hear from the developers why they are requesting it.
  8. evilonod


    I updated my VR Offshore to the latest version, 3.8.5, and it requested permission to "Make and manage phone calls." Why would VR need to use my telephone?
  9. I'm not sure I get the whole idea behind the multiple races of the Route du Ruhm. Plus, I'm not sure I understand how the teams work. How does one register and communicate with other sailors? I've looked at the documents at: www.onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!ANLlkv9uoB1UGVc&cid=9050730AE95B6CC1&id=9050730AE95B6CC1!5916&parId=9050730AE95B6CC1!5860&o=OneUp but it's pretty cryptic. What's the difference between IMOCA and ULTIM? DonJuan21
  10. Of course...I know how to do that for the Pacific Challenge. How do you do it for Odyssey 1/4?
  11. Is there a way to cancel a registration for a race. If something comes up I won't be able to sail the next race but I don't want a DNS or DNF penalty.
  12. Didn't mean to make two topics. I submitted and didn't think it went through.
  13. I'm curious. I've got a competitor on my starboard flank. We have the exact same setup on board. Same apparent wind angel but not same apparent wind speed. He's a 10'th of a knot faster but with -0.2 knts less wind? We are 0.5 miles away from each other. How come? Is VR getting a better resolution of wind speeds and angles then are delivered to the competitors?
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