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  1. I do not see any speed reduction in the display, (unless it's because of my wind angle). If I get a maneuvering penalty, do I see a boat speed drop in the display?
  2. Thank you Pat-Rock So, set a programmation point 30 mins ahead of the boat, then simulate the course changes. Ok, that sounds good, however, even when I do that, I get a confirmation that a new course is validated, is this still without a penalty because the boat has not actually turned yet?
  3. Thank you Mick61 for the reply. So, if it is 5 minutes penalty for each change, and I make 20 movements of the compass to see what course works out best, then, I am getting a 100 minute penalty ! No wonder my boat is so slow :P Thank you also Vector, but the official help articles seem to be a conceptual guide only, and is of no benefit to understanding exactly how the simulator works, as there are no details at all. I have contacted VR and told them I am willing to write a detailed manual if they can tell me how it works, but I've had no reply.
  4. Should I be selecting "Winches Pro" rather than "Light Wind Sails" when I fit out my boat for the race? I only get 2000VR to spend, so I can only choose one upgrade :P What is the time penalty difference between having Winches Pro and not having it?
  5. Hi, I just realised I am probably making a huge mistake when sailing VR Offshore, and I don't know what to do, so could someone please help me? I am new to VR, and I don't use any third party software to assist with navigation as yet. VR Support is extremely vague on all subjects regarding course navigation, and I want to know what truly happens when I sail VR, and how my actions affect the progress of my races. To deduce my next heading change, whether to use waypoints, programmation or whatever, I use the advanced wind tool as a temporary marker for comparison of predicted positions when I make temporary course changes for comparison purposes. I compare different routes every few seconds, and the course changes are almost always activated before I can deduce whether they are beneficial or not. I may make a dozen or so comparisons before settling on my preferred course of choice. I noticed that you can buy "Winches Pro" which "reduces maneuvering time". VR support is very vague about this feature, so my question is how long does it slow me down each time I change course, by what percentage does it slow me down, and are the penalties cumulative or consecutive, as I could easily be losing hours of race time just making a decision on a change of course using my methods...... ! Please help me ! Congo on "Integrity" * VR developers, maybe change the interface so we can activate the course changes manually when we are finished our calculations, rather than automatically after a few seconds please? Or, at least and option to do that if we choose, the interface is so very cumbersome and simplistic with little explanation on how VR actually really works.
  6. No reply? So, I shall sail to the middle of the ocean and be safe then?
  7. I would like to thank everyone for the help again. The matter of "grounding" was not one I planned on discussing in this thread on waypoints, however, I am going to ask it, as it is important, if not slightly related as well. So, in the real world, there is no guess work when it comes to landfall or hazards, it's precise, you either hit the darn rock or you miss it. It's on the chart for everyone to see. Shoal areas are avoided by whatever margin the Captain deems safe, and we get on just fine without smashing our boats up on all kinds of bad stuff, don't we? Now, I'm not an ocean racer, I'm a coastal sailor with lots of local knowledge and a reasonable grasp on the charts and tools I use to keep a vessel safe. To an ocean racer, I might be considered reckless in my approach to hazards, but I do not consider it any risk at all to take on a close shore as long as conditions permit it. You will have your own opinions on the practice of sailing close by shore, and I respect those. However, VR Offshore is NOT the real world, therefore I need to understand what could cause a grounding in this simulator. Is it simply the outline of the shore, islands and reefs shown on the chart by white outline, ie. obvious land on the charts? Or do we have to worry about shoaling, exposed rocks and submerged objects? I see some lighter shading on the VR charts, some of which seem to represent real world reefs and shoals, but I see VR boats sailing over these "hazards" with seeming impunity.
  8. In addition to my question just above, just one more point to clear up for me if you don't mind please.... Is there any more risk of grounding with or without a waypoint in that scenario above, say, if you sail by a lee shore closely for example? As long as the heading clears the lee shore, I am not at risk of grounding whether I have a waypoint set or not?
  9. Thank you so much for your time and answers. It's really helped me. I have another question now regarding waypoints. Let's say I set a course manually with the compass heading tool, with no waypoint set, and no TWA locked on. Does the boat sail directly ahead as if to a waypoint, and the waypoint's only real function is to mark (and effect) a turn point? In other words, I don't need to use a waypoint if I only wish to plan a single leg on a route, the boat's track will stay straight on my set heading?
  10. Thanks HRobert23, So, in WP mode, there is NO tacking or gybing at all....... unless there is a wind shift enroute, then, "autosails" will change the sail for you to suit the new wind condition, (effecting a tack, gybe, sail change or sheet angle adjustment), without a course change, correct? So, if you, say, get a wind shift onto the bow while on WP mode, and you are offline, then your boat slows, stops or goes backwards until you fix it or the wind shifts favourably? I'm still not clear, sorry, VR should explain how the WP function works in detail, for us poor souls with active minds :P
  11. Thank you for the help. I am still unsure of how the waypoint works in my third question above. In real sailing, you can set a waypoint, say, directly upwind, clear of dangers ahead. However, there are dangers out on the tacking legs, I would have to avoid them. So, if a boat is tacking or gybing in VR, along a route to a virtual waypoint, is this represented in the track of your boat visually on the map or do you just see a straight line track to the waypoint, as if your boat is just heading directly upwind to the waypoint? In other words, could you tack or gybe into a danger with a waypoint set, even though you are clear of dangers to the waypoint directly? Or does a waypoint set directly upwind simply put you in irons? So many questions, sorry if I'm being a pest, but I am in 3 races now, and it will really help if I get my head around the details, thanks.
  12. Hi, I'm new to VR (3 weeks) and I am having a very difficult time finding any info on both Inshore and Offshore. I've made official requests and I get referred to a very simplistic "Help Centre" which has not been of much help unfortunately. Most importantly, I would like to access a game manual and a set of rule books if they exist. I am participating in 3 offshore races, but I am really confused about waypoint navigation. In the help centre, it says: "trust waypoints, especially near the coast" or similar..... So, my questions.... 1. Does the boat auto tack / gybe as required while seeking the next waypoint? (I know you need auto sail for the sail changes if required, that's not what I mean) 2. Does the boat use best sheeting angle or auto VMG if Q1. above is TRUE? 3. Does the boat avoid grounding and obstacles if Q1. above is true, and if so, does it get back on course for the waypoint as soon as the danger is passed? Currently, I'm using Auto TWA because I don't know if the boat is going to luff up into the wind after a wind change while I am offline, and I didn't learn the programming yet because I don't even understand the waypoint function thoroughly.
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