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  1. Thanks, very clear and useful. I still don’ get the reason why the rule is this way. In a real regatta if I pass around a buoy I have passed it for good even if I decide to re-pass it backwards. Nobody does that but it is allowed . Nobody invalidate your pass once you have done it.

  2. Thank you, now I know that is the rule. But still I do not understand why. In real regattas once you have passed the gate then you are free to follow the route you like. Why would you limit such thing? If you do not want to allow that place another gate or move the gate in a position you don't have reason to choose a different route. The way it is now is not really understandable and can lead to errors. But rules are rules and I accept the rule even if I don't understand it :)

  3. My question is: If I pass the gate why can’t I choose my route even if it require going back a bit. Once I have passed the gate I should be free to follow the route I like but is not so because if I tried that and the gate turned active again as if I never passed it. Why is that? The gate once passed should stay so. Isn’it?

  4. 16 hours ago, le dauphin said:


    Je me suis inscrit ce matin a cette course , mais comment ce désinscrire, la tentative de Joyon me plait mais malheureusement ce jeu c'est toujours la mème daube 

    I registered and bought the full package and only after the purchase I did realized it was a record (It was not stated anywhere). I asked to be unregistered and use the money for another race but there is no way to be refunded or transferred once the purchase/registration is completed. This was the answer of Virtual Regatta help desk:

    Thank you for your message.
    I am sorry to hear that.
    However, we unfortunately cannot offer refunds or transfers for packs that were wrongly purchased.
    Thank you for your understanding.