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  1. I have now set up a 'Club' but I can only invite 'Confirmed Members' to join. There is provision for setting up an 'Event' but as far as I can see it can only be a 'VOR Inshore Race'. It also offers the option for setting up a regular series. However, having setting up a test event, I cannot see how one gets people to join or how one starts the race. I noticed that the RNZYS has set up a 'lockdown series' www.www.rnzys.org.nz/rnzys-events/esailing-lockdown-series/ but don't know how they have managed to set it up. I have sent a message to VR member 'L1' , who has obviously set up a number of c
  2. If you set up the custom race with an 'access code', members just have to go 'custom race' > 'join' > '>' then enter the access code. Do you mean that you have to post on this forum at least 7 times to enhance your user status?
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