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  1. I have now set up a 'Club' but I can only invite 'Confirmed Members' to join. There is provision for setting up an 'Event' but as far as I can see it can only be a 'VOR Inshore Race'. It also offers the option for setting up a regular series. However, having setting up a test event, I cannot see how one gets people to join or how one starts the race. I noticed that the RNZYS has set up a 'lockdown series' www.www.rnzys.org.nz/rnzys-events/esailing-lockdown-series/ but don't know how they have managed to set it up. I have sent a message to VR member 'L1' , who has obviously set up a number of custom series, asking if there are any written instructions or whether he can provide some guidance. I've also seen that there is an introduction to VR video on www.www.facebook.com/esailingtv/ , which might be useful to members.
  2. If you set up the custom race with an 'access code', members just have to go 'custom race' > 'join' > '>' then enter the access code. Do you mean that you have to post on this forum at least 7 times to enhance your user status?
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