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  1. same here, on Mac Big Sur as already posted, only in JV and only clicking on my own boat. Same problem on the iPad.
  2. there is no other possible reason nsp, you're right nsp. Cape 2 Goa has a bit less of 33k registered skippers where we are more than 76k on Transat ... well, there is room to gain much more money for sure Deciding to pospone the race half an hour before the start was a rally odd move, a lack of respect for all of us, and that's a shame.
  3. Tonight Chrome is denying me to launch Virtual Regatta, once in the lobby when I click to enter a single race this error appearswww.virtualregatta.com saysAn error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See yourbrowser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:Uncaught RuntimeError: memory assess out fo bounds any help ?
  4. Very same problem for me! what the hell ?!?!
  5. This is a great game, I was happy to discover it. I have been sailing a lot, years ago, with virtual skipper, till Nadeo stopped working in it. It was a shame, but that’s it. This is the life. here, as there at that time, the damn big problem was the people. It’s full of idiots, really embarrassing.. you lose the pleasure of virtual sailing with this king of pricks. a shame, once more ciao
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