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  1. You have to be a registered sailor right? How do you become registered, my application was declined
  2. What is the Opening Challenge & why can't I do it? The play button is greyed out for me? Thank you This is Inshore BTW
  3. Sorry, virtual Inshore im talking about here
  4. Thank you for your reply How do you buy faster sails, foils or pro winch etc? Seems a shame because it suddenly becomes a game dictated by who spends the most. There is no info anywhere on all of this stuff that I can see? Charlie
  5. Maybe I am missing something, but how do some sailors get so much height & speed upwind? As far as I am aware the only controls I have to alter speed and height is my angle of sail? But on occasions if I try and point to the same degree as a sailor next to me in the same wind ill slow right down, yet they seem to be able to power on through? Is there some technique I am missing out on here? Thank you
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