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  1. Way to frequently the server crashes or has some kind of hick up and it ends the game or similar. Game owes lost credit back. Or find a way to restart crashed race. dqBJaIbQaZQ:APA91bH87u_WDzFZPKGN7B6PXEDzSLr4QcNNtz6xcGh2Y_NcWkccRNDSI9DwrZ33INXLSqccs7l-7SisubvLpT469fbfoKm796t2D8IFaTcshwP1Z8PGY5OMFLnVZtV-N55zycd0OCft
  2. The circle denotes burdened or right of way No idea on The numbers. Hope this helps. No one ever answers me.
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