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  1. @Thorpe Bay Yacht Club @Scalingdamsc @CO TS Otter @AidenB Although you can't set up a race without taking a competitor place, you can drop out of a race at anytime by clicking on the three horizontal bars, on the top right of the screen, then 'Home'. If you drop out before pressing the 'start' button, the 'start' button is transferred to another competitor. Once you are out of one race, you can set up another race immediately. Hope this may help.
  2. @Thorpe Bay Yacht Club You need to post on this forum 7 times to become a 'Confirmed Member', after which you can set up a 'Club'. For further information see:
  3. @andythesailor Yes, unfortunately, you have to set up each race in turn.
  4. No. The only way to run a regatta for more than 20 competitors is to run heats.
  5. @Sailor_Barbie The darker patches can only be seen in 2D view. Look at the the circle in the top left of the screen. Click on the circle to expand to full screen.
  6. Yes, you have to set up each race in turn. It is frustrating.
  7. @eBowman The only way to run a series is to set up individual custom races, in turn, and then collate the results in a spreadsheet or results package such as SailWave or SailRank. @scott Anyone setting up a custom race needs to be a VIP membership or has to use some red coins (200?). It is not necessary for other players to pay or use any red coins to join a custom race.
  8. @Dcarr Creating an 'Event' simply puts the event on the VR Calendar and, if you set RSVP, allows club members to indicate whether they are intending to race or not. Unfortunately, it does not have any connection to setting up a Custom race, which you have to do manually, immediately before the desired start time. If you try to set up a race too far in advance, it will time out before the players are able to join.
  9. I have now tried playing on a new iPad and the control response is far better than on my three year old laptop. However, it doesn't work so well if you use an Apple Bluetooth keyboard. This is a pity, as you use the loose the ability to zoom in and out and to use 'R' to give you reverse view.
  10. I've now looked at the preliminary SailRank's guide and it appears that you still have to enter race results manually. The difference from using a spreadsheet or SailWave is that you can assign a competitor to a position rather than a position to a competitor, if you wish. This probably makes the data entry easier, particularly if you have a lot of competitors and have different competitors sailing in each race. There is also provision for splitting a race into two groups and/or splitting a race into gold and silver fleets and double scoring accordingly. I haven't worked out, yet, how this feature might be used. The application does produce a nice looking front end.
  11. @Scalingdamsc It appears not. It would be useful. FYI, you have posted in Virtual Regatta Offshore > Assistance. You would do best to post under VR Inshore > Assistance.
  12. FYI, I have posted a full set of my set up notes on the VR Inshore>Assistance>Tutorials>RYA Guide to VR Inshore.
  13. @Cornes1985. Yes, I think that 'green' indicates a favorable heading (upwind & downwind) is a better way of describing how the display functions. It also appears that the angle of the lay lines are fixed to the mean (top of screen) wind direction. This means that you can tack before the indicated starboard 'layline' to lay the mark, if you will be approaching with a green indicator, but have to have to go past the indicated layline to lay the mark, if you will be approaching with a red indicator.
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