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  1. gosh what a palaver, no wonder my clubs have not set up anything.. looking throughth list of races to find folk is pretty impossible as they do not have names etc. which I applaud the RYA and VR to encourage this and I ma enjoying competing in the random races, I was hoping aha need to add another post... I was hoping to have a set or races at a given time with people I know , or maybe who I can get to recognise by their username. as that kind of makes it more fun I match race with a friend, I guess he ahs paid the £8.99 for VIP pass althgouh he said he didn't. I cant set up these races but he can .. I don't begrudge the 8.99 for a months fun but it woud lbe nice if the instructiosn were a bit more clear on the other hand the gameplay and level of realism as a dinghy race is great Have I got to 7 yet? in case I need to ! Gavin
  2. HI, so no.1 although I am logged in it will not let me log in or acknowledge that I am registered duh! no.2 ant this is not entirely VR fault - POSSIBLY but a note or apology or acknowlsedgement would be good VR inshore - the latency on the rudder and other inputs makes the boats unsailable. possibly if they had offered something slower than a 49er this would have been more manageable having spent 100 credits to pirrouette uncontrollably and unable to even see the start line I am pretty pissed off. I was a member of offshore and enjoyed several races with fiends, I was looking forward to VR inshore which has been promoted heavily by the RYQ in the UK I get that it may be the web is overwhelmed, but if so, before VR takes cash of folk and annoys the RYA and sailors round the world a public apology or some tweakingof the software might be wise . I doubt I will get a response but heres hoping. I hope everyone stays well and look after your loved ones. regards from a disappointed sailor in the UK
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