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  1. As I've joked before it's room and opportunity to keep clear - for someone with the reflexes of a Space Shuttle commander.
  2. Did you run out of coins? I noticed that once I went below the buy in amount I lost the option to join the series.
  3. Hi Liese, I am also a VSK5 veteran. Penalties are automatic only, and no cancellation is allowed, even in private races, and I don't think it is possible to save replays for postrace debriefing as it was in VSK. Additionally, there are no collisions - boats "ghost" through each other. In my opinion, this encourages penalty-hunting behavior. VSK was notorious for calling Rule 15 too often. In this game, it's the opposite - Rules 15 and 16 are rarely called, and competitors will often use a very quick luff or jibe to starboard to penalize opponents. Because collisions are not modeled there is very little boatspeed penalty for doing this. If you attempt to make a close pass downwind, you had best have very quick reactions. VR also has a issue with correctly calling Rule 18 at leeward marks on opposite jibes. It will almost always rule in favor of the boat on starboard, even if the boat on port was inside overlapped. I played a little bit in VSK5 the other day after spending most of the last month in VR. I like how easy it is to organize races with friends and the amount of competition here, but I miss a lot of the features in VSK5. Still, I've been having fun on VR. It's fun to see online sailing so popular!
  4. Our club just had its first set of races last night. A few tips: 1. Use some sort of voice app to communicate in races. Discord is popular for gamers, Jitsi is an open-source alternative to Zoom that works well. We used Zoom but it kept kicking us off every 45 minutes. (Suggestion to the developers - allow unrestricted in-race text chat for private races) 2. Either have a set number of races planned for each night or a "no race after" time. That way, if racers drop off the chat, they know whether or not there are still races being run. 3. Sometimes the game will not allow you to reuse passwords on back-to-back races. Either alternate between two or have a designated password for each race (i.e. vyc1, vyc2, vyc3, etc...). 4. Have a designated scorer record results before closing out the race. I just used a paper grid as I would in real life, then inputted scores into Sailwave (my favorite scoring software). If you want to make things a little easier, ask each racer in your club to include a unique number in their boat name, kind of like a sail number, for shorthand recording of results in a large fleet.
  5. I'm going to add room to duck from a leeward boat to my list of gripes. I don't know how I could have ducked any closer, and I still got flagged for touching the leeward boat. AUGH!!!
  6. Ok, I'll grant you that Rule 16 doesn't apply to speed changes, probably because the rule writers didn't anticipate the ability to slam on the brakes instantly by hitting the space bar. The fact remains that Rules 15 and 16 are enforced way too narrowly (though I did actually see 16 called in a race today). My main gripe is the downwind Rule 18 port/starboard bug. That's such a basic, fundamental discrepancy that significantly alters strategy in the game. Also, the game doesn't apply Rule 18 to finish marks.
  7. Ok, the non-VIP I was testing it with said he couldn't access any custom races, but could once he joined VIP. You're not doing anything special like creating a club here on the forums, you're just sending your users an access code?
  8. There needs to be a new chat option: "sorry I made you foul, I lost control of my boat"
  9. Does everyone need to be VIP or just the host? I ran a test where I (VIP) set up a race for a non-VIP club member and he wasn't able to join. He was able to after he got VIP.
  10. The key part of his statement was "with no reaction time." In this game the definition of "space to comply with her obligations under the rules ... while manoeuvring promptly" (room to keep clear) appears to be "enough time opportunity for someone with the reflexes of an elite fighter pilot to just barely be able to get out of the way."
  11. Does anyone seem to randomly lose control at marks? Today I was winning a race at the leeward mark, setting up for a nice smooth rounding, then all of a sudden the boat rounded up abruptly and hit the mark 😡. I did not have VMG assist active, so it couldn't have been that, and I was just gradually tapping the arrow keys to round up. What the heck???
  12. Yeah, I'm all for a good luffing match, but there seems to be practically no recognition of Rule 16 (and often 15) by the rules engine. Try passing someone to windward and they just abruptly slam into you and draw a foul. Seems to be worst in the Star, where the distances are close and it's easy to luff all the way up because there's no spinnaker. Also, unless I'm missing something it doesn't handle Rule 18 correctly at leeward marks on opposite jibes, usually ruling in favor of the boat on starboard regardless of who had overlap. It's a double-edged sword, but maybe this game should model collision physics (not damage, but definitely a speed hit). At least then, if you try to stick a penalty on someone you'll slow yourself down too.
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