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  1. I have been having this problem as well. It is quite annoying as I am getting races that would put me at a much higher ranking but that aren't counting. Pretty ridiculous when my average score is higher than my series score... Attached are screenshots of what I am talking about. It happens almost every regatta where it seems to just stop counting after a random number of races. www.ibb.co/Jcnt1L1 www.ibb.co/YDmyV2z
  2. Still trying to get my post count up. Does it allow you to look at results from each race on the club page though? Also do club members need to be members on this forum or can anyone that is registered in the game join?
  3. I feel like the extra lag that is likely being on a phone would out way any added controls? I haven't used the phone app though so I can't say for sure.
  4. If you have VIP then you can see what phase the wind is in. If you don't then just treat it like you would a start in actual sailing and do your windshots.
  5. I have found that if you have best vmg on when you take down it automatically will head you up once the kite drops. For me it has worked that if when I am taking down the spin I steer slightly to get vmg off then I don't have any issues.
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