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  1. An advantage of VIP membership from the site: ”Receive priority customer service” Having asked for a bug to be fixed seven times after becoming VIP, I have had nothing except automated replies telling me to look at the forum. This implies that non-VIPs don’t even get that. Has anyone ever received a reply to a customer service request?
  2. Yes, I think it is a VIP feature.
  3. If VR would make even a small part of their API available I would be happy to develop a scoring option for them.
  4. Thank you. That has answered a lot of my questions about setting up our own race series.
  5. Or use ORC polars for even more options!
  6. Room to keep clear only comes with a change of course, not speed.
  7. The country I live in is not on the list of countries available when one signs up. Sint Maarten is very active in sailing, needless to say, but is missing from the list of countries. Anguilla, our neighbouring island is also missing. How would we get our countries listed?
  8. Perhaps there is a better way to ‘confirm’ a member? Like the email verification?
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