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  1. This is incredibly hard work, please, please give us a way to get the results from a race without having to take pictures of every page, I really appreciate that the RYA and Virtual Regatta have got together, but not being able to get results from past custom races is a nightmare. Today I forgot to take a picture and now I have no idea of what happened. Please come up with a a solution for all of us trying to run regattas for people during lock down. I currently run around 9 races in a session and looks like this could double possible triple. With no way of knowing which race is which it gets a mess and mistakes are going to be made which will end up with unhappy members....... It would be nice for us to just see the results,what time the race was at, class and course. Additionally how about a the option to just view the race on a code as well so that other club members can find their fellow club members races to watch. In a perfect world it would be nice to be able to setup races in advance, but maybe that's for next month :)
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