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  1. To cancel the VIP subscription if you have taken it out on the website, it's hidden under Settings > Subscription, there is then a tick box to unsubscribe. How did I find it? I read the terms and conditions! Happy Sailing Dave
  2. I took out the VIP subcription on behalf of the sailing club from my laptop. I received an email confirming the subscription but couldn't set the user with that email and I couldn't see how to cancel the subscription. I've emailed support to ask, when the time comes how do I cancel the subscription. I've had a reply telling me I'm not a VIP user. I've sent a reply with screen shots to prove it and I'm waiting for a reply. It shouldn't be difficult to add a cancel feature on the web app. If they tell be how to cancel it I'll update the post
  3. DaveKL18

    App crashing

    Hi, it's happening to me I have been dropped from the game from my iPad more times than I'd like to count. I've emailed the support waiting for a reply. The other issue with being dropped is that the race counts in the number of races you have competed in.
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