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    InShore rules

    Hi Kiwibob, this is one of the issues VR has with the rules and I lost hope that they are interested in fixing those bugs. As it is a computergame, the rules of the game are the rules of the game and you have to learn what you can do and what you can't. But from a sailors perspective it is very unpleasant to find yourself penalised for being crashed by a windward boat or a boat clear astern and I think if world sailing wants to stick with VR as their official e-sailing championship software, they have to fix those bugs. I wonder if any official representative from world sailing ever watched a race or participated in a race to find out how wrong situations are judged by this software, officially promoted by world sailing.
  2. Dear JPJPJPJP and developers of VR, I totally agree with the opinion of JPJPJPJP, that it would ad a lot to the game, if you could publish the "special" rules in the VR inshore game. For dedicated sailors it is absolutely not intuitive, that you can be crashed deliberately from behind when sailing slow before start or at a mark and get penalised for that or that a rushed change of course leaves you with no right to crash your opponent when not giving time to react etc.etc. This are some of the differencies to normal sailing I worked out during hours of experimenting. What I still didn't figuere out are the formulas used to calculate the points you get for a certain place after the race. 1st ist 100, last is 1 but the rest is difficult to model whatever formula I tried. Thank you for the game which is great fun during lockdown anyways but please publish more details about the mechanics of the game Macandy1