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  1. 2 hours ago, franckhamburg said:

    La course est fermée, mais elle est toujours sur l' interface .... je suis pas un fétichiste du Vsr, mais il me semble que les points aient toujours été attribué lorsque la course disparait de l' interface ....


    No, VSR and XP are updated when races close, so should have been updated last night at or slightly after 2100 UTC 05/05/21.

    If they've changed it there's been no notification, just for a change.

  2. 2 hours ago, Your Mom SA said:

    A message was posted in the game today, stating that the Closing Date for NY-SF is October 10...  But...  The game itself says October 4 (or the early morning hours of October 5, in some time zones).  Which is correct?

    If finish extended to 10th (I read the post too) this is quite irritating.

    Not to notify before now is very disappointing when there were later good looking windows I might have waited for before departing, consequently I took what I thought was the last decent window with the days remaining to 5th October. Now those who made poor decisions and wouldn't have finished by close on 5th have a potential advantage through no skill.

    The next record event, La Mauricienne, remains as 5th October start, and the NY-SF currently still shows 5th 0100 UTC+1 (I think) finish (as you say).

    We shall see what occurs. May just have been a typo and confusion on the news article as October is 10th month. 🙂

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  3. On 11/20/2019 at 11:22 AM, Pat-Rock said:


    The points VSR and XP are awarded at the closing of the race.

    • For the Mini 2 on 22/11 to 01h00 CET
    • For the Magellan 7 on 25/11 to 19h00 CET

    Credits are available immediately.

    Welcome to VR and good races


    Thanks Pat, this helped resolve a mystery; I must have spent my credits on a sail and wondered why they hadn't been added end of race like VSR and XP.



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