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  1. Same happened with me. I’m sailing back to start now to try to further reinforce utter disgust with what has happened. Hoping that might further underpin need for full testing prior to releasing “up”dates.
  2. It’s a shitshow in a bog bag ... leaders who apparently can sail twice as fast in the same conditions with same equipment; equipment purchases that don’t stay purchased; programmations that “lock in” and then disappear hours later when you think they are working and you come back to find still on original course; wind updates that swing wildly at random times .... anything else we need to know about the most recent “up(your)date”?
  3. Maybe fewer entrants for VG due to these major issues with the update will result in greater server time per player for those who do enter and it works better ... hmm ... not sure I understand the case being made there though ...
  4. Simple ... insert bollocks and let gears mash them ... more enjoyable than the current bollocking errors we are all facing with this up(your)date. Come on guys ... your customers are NOT your beta testers!!!
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