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  1. I play inshore only and don’t pay for tokens. If I win a green token I buy the VMG So i can focus on wind shifts and positioning. Before the start sail along the length of the start line from boat to pin at exactly 90 ref to the wind if you are getting further Away from the line as you go the pin end is further upwind. It normally is slightly anyway. Then I normally sit head to wind (0 deg) for a minute And drift. From that I will see the amount of shift and timing. The shifts can be through 20 degrees but the pass is never long. Lastly once inside 1 minute to start. Do a slow tack to see the whole course and where the wind pressure is. Left or right. Use those 3 things to determine if you want to start at boat or pin end and if you want to head left or right side of the course.
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