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  1. Hi all. I joined Virtual Regatta today 25 September, so there would be one more Australian to show the rest of the world how to sail ;-) New Zealander's are as good as Aussies so they don't count. My questions are 1 - How do I add a picture beside my name in the forum? 2 - I read on a blog something I am sure is not true but thought I would check to be sure. The blogger said that if you buy upgrades for your boat, and then enter a race, a soon as the race finishes you lose the upgrades and have to buy new ones if you want to use them in the next race you enter. I cannot believe this can be true, but as I said I thought I would ask as that would make Virtual Regatta almost as expensive a racing an 18 foot skiff with no sponsorship. Going to practice to get an idea of how the boats handle and then start racing. It is a crazy Covid world we live is so keep 2 meters from people and wear a mask to keep yourself and those you care about safe and well. Wylie Wombat™️
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