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  1. Good morning, I bought the full package for the Jamaica race and the amount 4,49€ has been charged twice on PayPal. I want to know how to reuse these credits, considering that , as per your communication, even the first package should be used to acquire new full sets for future races of Level 5 and 6. Thank you Francesco
  2. I've purchased a full package for the Jamaica race. After the payment, the game did not recognize my payment: the options choice was still reporting the possibility to select any of the options, as if the payment was not successful. I wait a bit, changing screens to see it was a problem of connection, but no sign of full package and all options still there waiting to be selected. Then I made the payment again and now my credit card report signals me that I've paid twice for the same package. What do I have to do to obtain the expected reimbursement? Thank you
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