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  1. Yes it works, thanks! But it's very inconvenient that we can't specify precise values neither for autopilot commands, nor for program settings such as waypoint location, or router target point... Some possible VR game improvement.
  2. Presently running plain East (heading 90° fixed) along the ice protection line which is parallel to 46 deg South circle, it is unclear to me why the predicted path is slowly drifting South, penetrating the ice zone after a few hours. Is the boat drift due to wind or due to current somehow modeled in VR? It does not look like a great circle path (which should drift to the North, not South). Or some bug?
  3. How can I find easily the ranking of my team during the race? The team raking table is extremely long for the VG race and it is almost impossible to scan it thoroughly. Need a search function for teams, but where is it?
  4. Dashboard is for me the same thing as user interface (information on the compass in the lower left part of the map display. The 3D view shows the same data.
  5. Just now, it appears to be normal again!! What happened, I am not sure. Was not due to any maneuver controlled by me, but boat was running on autopilot with constant TWA, so an automatic sail change may have happened which triggered a temporary speed penalty without being apparent from the dashboard. Problem: that happened several times today as I was comparing my speed with other boat of my team on a parallel track... I lost much ground due to this.
  6. Today (21st Nov), my boat in VR is slower by 1.5 Kt for same TWS and TWA as compared to other boats and other simulation softwares with same polars (zezo, qtvlm). I bought the Full Pack but could it be deactivated for any reason?
  7. Very serious shortcoming of VR user interface as compared to other similar virtual sailing games: no lat-long lines on map, nor display of pointer position. This makes the Express Router very difficult to use. In fact, it can be used efficiently only when approaching a coast or island. Anybody can suggest a work-around tip?
  8. Bonjour, Merci, je n'ai pas eu de réponse à mon message à VR mais il semble que le paiement ait été annulé et les FP n'apparait plus dans les options de mon Guest_xxxx, comme je le demandais. Par conséquent, je viens de me connecter avec mon compte utilisateur et ai acheté à nouveau le FP dans ce compte. Donc tout est OK maintenant, apparemment. Merci encore pour votre aide!
  9. Par inadvertance, je suis allé dans le Vendée Globe VR sans rentrer mes identifiants et ai acheté le Full Pack. J'ai vu après que je participai en tant de joueur "invité" avec un identifiant type Guest_xxxxx. Mais quand je veux entrer à nouveau avec mon compte, je n'ai pas accès au Full Pack! Comment peut-on transférer le Full Pack de mon joueur Guest_xxxxx vers mon véritable compte? Je n'ai pas l'intention de payer 2 fois le FP...
  10. Similar problem for me: I bought the Full Pack 30 euros for the Vendee Globe VR, I got the payment receipt (screen copy made) but in the Harbor Preparation pane, options are still to be bought including the Full Pack! I am not going to pay twice...
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