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  1. I have just tried to create a custom race with a password, however no-one can join the race - it says the race has already started when it hasn't. Is there a problem with this sort of setup at the moment? Matt
  2. More information - works fine on the same laptop using Firefox 83 on Xubuntu.
  3. I've been enjoying playing VR during lockdown and have arranged a family 'tournament' over Christmas - however for the last week or so the game has been unplayable. The game is very slow to respond and the graphics update very slowly making it impossible to sail the boat. Has there been some sort of update that might have caused this? I've tried using both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and both are the same. Full-screen is worse than non-fullscreen, but even non-fullscreen is unplayable. Hardware is a Sony Vaio Laptop, i5 2.6GHz, 6G RAM, Radeon Graphics (512Mb), Windows 10. Windows 10 has recently updated itself to the 20H2 revision but I don't know if this was before or after I started having problems with the game. Matt
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