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  1. @kegnatz je brod Koza s VR... nismo u mogućnosti mijenjati display name ovdje na forumu, pa u svom profilu pod "About me" stavite ime broda s VR da se lakše snalazimo...

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    2. srce


      kegnatz možeš otvorit neku temu. neznam di se uopće naslov teme otvara. izleti li tema u forum ili u klubu?

    3. srce


      gore se nalazi +create. valjda je to. nije mi ovo kao twitter da odmah skužiš sve onako intuitivno.

    4. kegnatz


      samo na klubu izlazi... i closed je naš klub... i stavljam svih da budu leaderi odmah, tako da svak može de facto bit admin...

  2. it seems to me that the question is how to change display name here, on the forum, to match the name of the boat... I'd like to do that too... i guess no way
  3. ... or at least give us the option to set what would be the view upon opening... we don't mind ads, just give us the navigation as soon as possible for those quick checks on our mobiles on the go...
  4. kegnatz


    been asking myself the same question... and that's the reason I haven't purchased w4VR after the trial period... combined with the fact that it had been calculating 15 waypoints, and importing only last 9 waypoints, not the first 9, so if You're not a VIP it is useless... I don't know if these new updates sorted that out, but keep that in mind....
  5. est-que c'est possible de recevoir les notifs de personal/team chats sur mobile?... je ne recois rien sur mon iphone (iOS13 & iOS14)
  6. kegnatz

    iOS Widget

    that would be great!! would pay for it, too...
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