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  1. So basically the system doesn’t work well on an IPhone, and I probably sailed more as result. Are you planning to fix this or this is all we get for the money we pay? It still doesn’t address how I gained two thousand positions on the general and lost more than 100 in the Nemo in 5 minutes.
  2. Look at the trajectory for Le_bigoreau_kamikaz for example. Based on what I see it never crossed the dotted line. The same for Dahmad6. This is only the two I looked for. Compare these two with how I crossed the line.
  3. Why are you adding sailors to the Nemo race when based on their trajectory they never crossed the line? I am recovering positions in the general race but loosing on the Nemo by the hundreds in minutes even when using zezo. This doesn’t make sense. Please verify the trajectory before including sailors only based on complaints. Thank you, K
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