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  1. Thank you for posting this - it does support the case for the parameters used in the game. I still think the extremes upwind and downwind are a bit unrealistic but probably compared to other things like the indestructibilty of the virtual boats it is not that big a deal
  2. Exactly these does not remotely correspond with physical reality - show me some data for an Imoca 60 travelling 35 degrees upwind in 10 knots of wind or going zero knots when trying to go 180 degrees down wind in 10 knots
  3. I understand that but with the drag on these monohulls they can only ever advance beyond 45 degrees using apparent wind when foiling or possibly in 20-25 knot winds. The VR game allows boats to head at 28 degrees in 10 knots which in reality is impossible. Show me some real data not theoretical calculations that ignore drag.
  4. Why does VR allow boats to proceed upwind at less than 45 degrees? This is physically impossible a there is no foward driving force. Also going downwind there will be a speed penalty for going to low but at 180 degrees you shoukd still make forward progress. Basically to obey physics the "polar" should be asymmetric
  5. I find it bizarre the way the polars are set up - they should not be symmetric - physics dictates that going upwind lower than 45 degree you have no forward driving force at all - speed should be zero or even negative. Going downwind there is always some driving force so although tighter angles will be faster you should still be able to progress at 180 degrees
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