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  1. It was fun to program! Or they're getting kickbacks on bandwidth usage fees... Regardless, there are many aspects of the program that could be vastly improved by not reloading everything every time the program opens/wakes up. The user experience is not a good one.
  2. I would like to personally thank all of the extra users who have made it so that certain features are now disabled on the iOS app. I would love to permanently disable many of those features as I have very poor Internet and it takes forever to load the 3D view that I do not care about or use. I imagine that no one else cares about it either. Sure, it was probably a lot of fun to program but it greatly reduces the usability of the app and not only would I not miss it I would be happy if it wasn't there. It would also be great if the app didn't follow the course of the boat from the origin to present location. What purpose does that serve? Again, you're wasting bandwidth for a "feature" that users do not care about! Anyway, hey! Thank you thank you thank you all of the extra users who have disabled these "features" for all of us! Keep up the good work! And virtual regatta? You might want to make programs that don't require entirely reloading every time you use them. That, again, wastes time and bandwidth. Do you even use your own programs? Because if you did you wouldn't do many of the things you do!
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