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  1. Thanks Pieter, I'm still planning! It's not a problem for French, I can get by
  2. C'est très frustrant de ne pas pouvoir changer le choix de voile dans la page de préparation!! Cela peut-il être corrigé ou modifié avant le début?
  3. The weather forecast over the next 7 days looks like a different sail choice would be better (it's for the Syd/Auk race starting tomorrow). It looks like I'll have to stick with the choice I've already made.
  4. I have selected a reaching sail in the preparation section (which is now 'ticked') but would like to change to a different sail option instead before the race starts. I try to 'untick' the reaching sail but it won't 'deselect'... any idea how I can make a change? I'm just using the credits accrued from a previous race rather than buying new credits.
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