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  1. I'm really sick and tired of the constant deliberate crashing to force penaltys on others. In real life there are very little crashing and it's shame on you if you steer right into a competitor even if you have the right of way (witch isn't even the case in most crashing here). I suggest that any crashes that occur within 2-5 seconds after a course change against each other force penalty on both boats in a first step to make this game less of a bumper car-contest. I would even see some actually sinking when boat crash to hard into each other or some kind of lasting damage to really force people to avoid it and see the danger of such a behavior!
  2. One easy way to make the sailing a lot more realistic is to implement a rule that says that the boat who make a sudden move to deliberatly crash into another is the one thats get the penalty. The first rule in real sailing is to avoid collisions, steer away if an opportunity present it self.
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