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  1. I agree, it would be nice to have some consideration for rule 69 here! Also, when someone tacks really close to windward, I'd just like to see some form of a keep clear rule. We could bring in the extortion (no idea how its spelled) system used in actual sailing, and then give a 5% score penalty for each infringement to the keep clear rule per race. Its just annoying for sailors, but I can see the argument that, as coding is exact (just look at VR start lines!), and the RRS do have some guesswork in them, it would be hard to code!
  2. Hi everyone, I had an idea a while ago about creating a Virtual Regatta Discord Server, and thought I'd share it here! For anyone who hasn't used discord, then it's a website used for groups, a bit like WhatsApp, but without phone numbers! The advantage is that you can have multiple text channels and voice channels under one 'server', so you can have a text channel dedicated to 'announcements', or a 'general one', and same with video channels. I can see this being used for Team Racing, where you can have a dedicated text and voice channel for setup, and then separate voice channels for different teams. I just think it would be a cool additional means for Virtual Regatta sailors to communicate, and for people to meet other like-minded sailors, and race against new people instead of just a random lobby. If you like my idea, email (montydesforges18@gmail.com), DM me on discord (ID: Monty D#0798), or just reply to this thread Team_MDR6256
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