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  1. Hi, these are the ranking for Etruscan Sails: 1° Montecristo11 (515th) 10°Buenaonda (13279th) Team 104th Does somebody of LPP, communicate their rankings? Thank You
  2. I add that the daily partial results of the two challenges will be published here on the forum after 6 p.m..... Forza Etruscan!!!!
  3. Bonsoir, anybody knows the reason why a that is ranked in the Inter-Team Ranking, does not appear in the Hall of Fame? Thank You.
  4. merci bien jojo (désolé pour l'anglais ... I read French but I can't write or speak) the team is ETRUSCAN SAILS and we are a group of skippers all based in Tuscany.... we are all very excited to partecipate to the battle... I kindly ask you if you have already an idea of the races that will be in the challenge. Thank you again
  5. Hi, some of you could give some infos about this "new" icon in Offshore regattas. Thanks
  6. it could be... unfortunately the things for me do not improve.... and is very annoying ( I can not even read the name of the boats). Maybe I should remove the app and install it again but I am afraid to lose my account because I have a password issues (see my other topic)... I know, I know... virtual skipper life is never easy...
  7. Hi all, I know already that the password issues are something that VR has some difficulties to solve, but before losing all my hopes... To make it short... I am condemned to play only with my mobile because the password (that I guess must be the same) to enter and play also with the PC is not accepted. I must give up or there is some solution in your opinion?
  8. In your opinion there is some hope that they change their mind and come back in this millennium?
  9. Hi all, since this morning the screen resolution of the game in my mobile is very very bad.... Some of you has the same problem? Thanks
  10. Definitively, thank you Robert.
  11. 10 at after the first five minutes of the race...
  12. no, it's the first time we enter in a race with the right number of members... but I think there is not a general ranking and a leg ranking (as in Nord Stream) for Taras... or am I wrong?
  13. G Hi, my team, Etruscan Sails, in the last TARA leg, does not appear in the Inter-Team Ranking even if we are 10 in the race. Some of you has some idea or tips about this. I wrote to VR but...you know... to wait for the reply is almost more painful than the the current speed in Tara. Please help me to understand. Thank you. Montecristo11
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